Freedom from Addictions

Jesus can set you free from an addiction. Jesus says, "IF THE SON SETS YOU FREE, YOU WILL BE FREE INDEED". Many addictions such as drugs, lust, narcotics, alcohol, gambling, etc. are a result of sin or can lead to sin and may affect your eternal life. Killing is a sin and addictions like smoking and overeating may result in you killing yourself. Recently at a pastor's seminar, a mental health expert on an addiction stated honestly, "We do not know what causes the addiction". Mental health people just like physical health people frequently encourage living or existing with a problem because that is all they know, rather than being set free from the problem. Just like people who take medicine daily for a more comfortable life, there are twelve step programs for many addictions. Some will suggest associations as causes of addictions such as genes or environmental factors or factors related to personalities, etc. but most are unaware of the demonic sources of addictions. Jesus refers to Himself as the good shepherd and demons or the enemy or the thief who "comes only to steal and kill and destroy". Addictions steal lives and destroy people. Jesus also refers to the devil as, "the father of lies". Many addictions lead to skillful lying. One reason a person with addictions resorts to lying is they do not like the judgmental criticism of others. Jesus when confronted with a person who may have had a lust related addiction, did not treat her judgmentally but rather just encouraged her to "go and sin no more" 1. If you are uncertain about a demon being involved, it will do no harm to take spiritual authority over demons. IF IN DOUBT, CAST IT OUT!

For Jesus to help a person be free from addiction, a person has to want to be free. Many say they want to be free and pray for God's help while unwilling to make any effort. Like someone who says they want lose weight but wants God to help them lose weight without any change in their eating habits. The first step is to ask God for help in Jesus' name. Part of the asking is to pray as Jesus commands "daily … Please don't bring us into temptation and please rescue us from the evil one". As a second step, Jesus says, "I have given you authority … to overcome all the power of the enemy; nothing will harm you". The "nothing will harm you" includes an addiction. As a follower of Jesus you have the authority but you have to use it. Whenever a desire or temptation is present for an addiction, a person needs to command the addictive desire to shut up, leave and not return in Jesus "name". How often? How often have you given into the desire for the addiction? Keep taking authority in Jesus' name until the desire leaves. Jesus name is powerful and many people are afraid of the mention of His name just like demons fear and have to obey. Persistence is essential. It can be helpful to ask God for guidance, regarding anything else you can do to avoid temptation. Like if you are a crack addict, to not drive by a crack house where you used to buy crack. Also it is good to praise and thank God daily for sending His son Jesus to set you free2.

1. Jn 8:36 (NI); Ex 20:13 (KJ); Jn 10:10; 8:44 (NI) Jn 8:11 (NKJ)

2. Jn 16:26; Mt 6:9-13 (ET); Lk 10:19; Mk 16:17 (NI)

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