After Jesus rose from the dead, He appeared to Thomas and said, "YOU BELIEVE BECAUSE YOU HAVE SEEN ME" [Jn 20:28 TL]. Yes, Jesus goes on to commend people who believe and have not seen Him but many believers today believe because they have seen the evidence or experienced the one true living God who has a son named Jesus not just based on blind faith or just what they read in their bible. One example was a student asked God in Jesus' name for help to know what to study a week before a Greek final. God led him to the exact 5 verses out of a possible 1,010 verses. He has the graded test with the study work sheets framed on his office wall so he can see the rest of his life the miracle that God answered his prayer. Another example after wearing glasses for 46 years a man of God received healing in his eyes. Yes, he had them tested and the requirement of wearing glasses removed from his driver's license but every day when he opens his eyes and sees normally he is reminded and can see that Jesus was telling the truth when He encourages us to bear lasting fruit so, "THAT WHATEVER YOU ASK THE FATHER IN MY NAME HE MAY GIVE YOU" [Jn 15:16 NKJ] because God is real and answers prayers. Many people have more than just blind faith because they see the result of God's guidance and can see answered prayers frequently. Does God answer your prayers? If not, ask Him to help you be in His will and show Himself to you with answered prayers!

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