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This is a page of links to current Teachings from Jesus for this year and links to Teachings from Jesus for last year. The first paragraph contains the most popular links many of which are also found with a brief description on Jesus Center's Facebook page. Some additional popular links are found at the bottom of the page.

If you would like to start receiving regular Teachings from Jesus by email please send your email to pastor@jesuscenter.net and ask for Teachings. For an overview of links for the Marriage Workshop. The Prayer Jesus taught and being prayed up. God gave us the alphabet. The Family Prayer Outline. The Speaker Listener Technique. A link to abbreviations used for different bible translations and chapters in the bible.

Who is a Follower of Jesus today. Jesus and homosexuals. Information about an economic meltdown. Do You want to be Set Free from Illness? or an addiction? or Overcome Sin? How to Witness like Jesus. How to help a person drawn to Jesus. Entering God's Kingdom? Understanding The New Agreement from God to His people. Manmade religion can result in Worthless Worship. Personal Healing Miracle Stories. God told me to run and helped by keeping me healed. Read When Jesus comes. Read Blessed to be a Blessing for Jews. Read Forgive Others. God's name mistranslated Lord.

Read How to Hear God's Voice. Read Eternal Life ~ Life Style. Read Why God Draws. Read Single Sex. Read Satan Server. Read God's son does not Lie! Read Doctrines Hinder Eternal Life. Jesus' answer to depression. Read God is our only Authority. Read about God's Man Gift. Read about "the Word". To read about how God led us to "Just FollowJesus". We should not be afraid of death. To understand about GOD'S SPIRIT SIMPLIFIED . To read the meaning of to Just Follow Jesus. To read about Jesus and Dead Bodies.

To learn about SPIRITUAL WARFARE. To learn about PUNISHMENT FROM GOD. To learn how to have JESUS' PEACE. If you are told you are DYING and do not want to die. How to know the answer to Did God Tell You? Jesus tells us "THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN ME WILL DO WHAT I DO" Jn 14:12 (GN). Of all the things Jesus did, what should be our INITIAL CHOICE? We can learn from Jesus' Political Example. Learn about the risk in REJECTING JESUS. Jesus reveals His Father. OBEDIENCE is important. Consider Thanking Jesus in your daily prayers.

Have Jesus' WORLDVIEW.

Jesus is against using titles. We learn that PROPHETS are UNNECESSARY.

BELIEVE RESULTS to know God is real. Apparently Jesus anticipated many manmade teaching and pre-responded with the truth.

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January 13, 2013 KEEP ON LIVING

January 20, 2013 BE FREE

January 27, 2013 HELPING UNBELIEF

February 3, 2013 MOVE FORWARD

February 10, 2013 LOVE THEM

February 17 LOVE GOD MOST


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Being Set Free from Illness

Enter Eternal Life NOW!

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