Being depressed is one of the most common problems people have today and it is a real money maker for the medical industry. Did God create us to need chemicals to avoid or recover from depression? Some escaping from depression are major contributors to the illegal drug industry and definitely many with depression financially help the industry of providers of alcoholic drinks. Jesus provides us with a solution for depression when He teaches how "YOU CAN HAVE THE SAME JOY I HAVE. I WANT YOUR JOY TO BE THE FULLEST JOY". Jesus teaches us that to have joy like His, "I HAVE OBEYED MY FATHER'S COMMANDS, AND I REMAIN IN HIS LOVE. IN THE SAME WAY, IF YOU OBEY MY COMMANDS, YOU WILL REMAIN IN MY LOVE". What commands does Jesus teach that could give us greater joy than popular antidepressants or chemical uppers? One teaching that gives joy is to "FORGIVE OTHERS". Recently a person was amazed how healing and refreshing it was to start with the earliest memory and praise God for all the good memories then forgive everyone involved in bad memories. Of course being forgiven of our sins also brings joy. Many other teachings from Jesus that relieve depression include "DON'T WORRY" and "DO FOR OTHER PEOPLE". The greatest Jesus teaching that will give joy is "LOVE YAHVEH YOUR GOD WITH ALL YOUR HEART AND WITH ALL YOUR SOUL AND WITH ALL YOUR MIND AND WITH ALL YOUR STRENGTH". When we love God with all we have we trust Him, we obey Him, we understand that He is worthy of our constant gratitude, praise and thanksgiving. Paul understood this when he wrote "Always give thanks to God the Father for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ". Depression can be very serious. It can end in suicide. Do not ignore depression and let it grow. Many in the medical industry including the mental health field are clueless on how to help severe depression because they are not aware to the reality of God and the need for spiritual warfare. As followers of Jesus we have an advantage. Depression may need assertive action by exercising the "AUTHORITY" of the "NAME" of Jesus. If in doubt, cast it out. If you are so down you cannot think of any praises for God, read out loud Psalm 103 or another praise psalm or sing a praise song, which will jump start praising God. When depressed, focus on God and praise Him until you are smiling! Focusing on God and praising Him will crowd out Satan's presence as a side benefit. 1

1. Jn 15:10-11; Mt 6:14, 25-34; Lk 6:31 (IC); Mk 12:30 (ET); Eph 5:20 (IC); Lk 10:19; Mk 16:17 (NI)

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