God loves the whole world so much that He gave His only son with the condition that "EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT DIE BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE". Believing in Jesus needs to be 100% and unfortunately most manmade doctrines in the Christian religion interfere with believing Jesus and His teachings. Jesus says, "IF YOU OBEY MY TEACHING … YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH, AND THE TRUTH WILL SET YOU FREE." Notice Jesus did not say "some of My teachings". Following and obeying Jesus' teachings will help a person be free of religious doctrines. Unfortunately, manmade Christian religious doctrines results in clueless people who "WILL LISTEN AND LISTEN, BUT NOT UNDERSTAND; THEY WILL LOOK AND LOOK, BUT NOT SEE". It is amazing how people filter what Jesus says through their doctrines which they accept as fact and will read what Jesus says and then interpret it with a doctrinal understanding or with affirmation of their doctrines, ending up with something different than Jesus said. Example: there was a teaching one time stating that "Jesus does not lie" when He simply said, "I AM THE SON OF GOD". A man responded to the teaching stating "You don't believe the … doctrine". A woman responded with comments about how she agreed with what Jesus said and then stated "Jesus is part of the …". Both people appear to be referring to the same manmade doctrine instead of simply reading what Jesus said; apparently some interpreted the statement as an opinion or doctrinal belief of the person quoting the words of Jesus. How do we know if a doctrine is manmade? Simply compare it with what Jesus or God teach and if it is different in any way or not compatible, then the doctrine is manmade and false. Satan definitely uses manmade doctrines to serve his purposes. If a person follows a false doctrine, the person will not meet God's requirement of "BELIEVES IN HIM" which results in eternal life. Jesus says that only a "FEW" find the way to eternal life and doctrines definitely cause people to not be part of the few including people who consider themselves Christians. 1

Historically, mankind started making up Christian religious doctrines shortly after Jesus physically left the earth. Apparently for approximately the first ten years of Christianity, one religious assumption they made up was that only Jews could be Christians. God had to intervene with a vision and instructions to a non-Jew, Cornelius, and then to Peter, who subsequently went and shared about Jesus with Cornelius and his relatives and friends. Later Peter shared his experience with the Christian leaders in Jerusalem to convince them that non-Jews could be Christians. Initially for many centuries Christians had a very effective way of getting agreement with their manmade doctrines by killing those who disagreed, often by burning them alive. It is better to die by being burned alive at a stake than to spend eternity in "HELL, WHERE THE FIRE NEVER GOES OUT". Today some Christians destroy their lives by the desires of the flesh and people love to gossip about it. Also today millions of followers of Christian religions destroy their lives by beliefs that are different than Jesus' beliefs and people are unaware they are headed for "ETERNAL PUNISHMENT" because their manmade religious doctrines convince them they are going to "ETERNAL LIFE". Unless you are fortunate enough to have never been exposed to any religion, most of us need God's help to be free of doctrines that have us bound, hindering us from being free by obeying Jesus' teachings. Pray and ask God to free you of all doctrines so you can have the simplicity of a "LITTLE CHILD" as God reveals His "TRUTH" to you that He "ENTRUSTED" to His son, Jesus. 2

1. Jn 3:16; 8:31-32; Mt 13:14; Jn 10:36; Mt 7:14 (GN)

2. Ac 19:1-48; Mk 9:43 (NI); Mt 25:46 (NI); Mt 11:25-27 (TL)

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