Most people stop praying for healing when a doctor says a person is dying. Jesus tells us "EVERYONE WHO CONTINUES ASKING WILL RECEIVE". Yes, many people who are praying or are prayed for, die, however some stop praying and just give up. One time a godly man was deathly sick and God told him, "YOU ARE GOING TO DIE". Tearfully he reminded God why he deserved to be healed. God responded, "I HAVE HEARD YOUR PRAYER AND SEEN YOUR TEARS; I WILL HEAL YOU" and the man lived another 15 years. Consider how much more God might heal someone who has been told only by a doctor they are going to die. It can do no harm to continue "ASKING", remembering Jesus tells us "WITH GOD ALL THINGS ARE POSSIBLE". A person may want to continue living for personal reasons, to be closer to God, to avoid an unpleasant death, etc. Our most important concern is our eternal life and it is certainly valid for a person to want to go on into eternal life but if we want healing in our body so our physical life can continue, the following link to some Jesus teachings with thoughts about healing may help. Remember God does not allow is to live forever as He limits us to "LIVE ONLY 120 YEARS". 1

1. Mt 7:8 (IC); 2 Ki 20:1-5; Mt 19:26(NI); Ge 6:3 (IC)

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