Eye Healing Miracle

Ed shares how God healed his eyes after wearing glasses for 46 years. As a teenager, my parents had my eyes tested and I was told I needed glasses. Although I didn't wear them very often in High School, when I got my driver's license there was a restriction placed on my driver's license to require me to wear glasses when I drove. In college, I can remember setting on the front row in class and still having trouble reading the writing on the board. When I was drafted into the Army, they retested my eyes and issued me a stronger pair of glasses.

In the early 70's after hearing of the possibility of a death I cried for about 15 minutes and during that time I could see very clearly without my glasses. That experience made me wonder if my eyes could be healed enabling me to see without wearing glasses and about five years later I was at a healing meeting in Dallas and I wanted to go forward to be prayed for and so I told them I wanted my eyes healed. Off and on over the next 25 years, I would ask God in Jesus' name to heal my eyes and at times I would have others pray for me. In early eighties, I had heard a teaching about having strong faith and so I took off my glasses and went to the driver license place and asked them to put something on my license to allow me ride motorcycles. They retested my eyes and the nice lady suggested I put on my glasses, which I did, and then I passed the eye test. In the early 90's I attended a school of healing at a local Bible school to learn what they were teaching about healing. When they asked what needed healing, I said my eyes. After a few weeks someone prayed for me and he made it sound like I was almost blind. By then I was wearing bifocals, which was common for people my age. (Yes, to save you the trouble 16 + 46 = 62 in 2003)

In 2003 I was in Virginia Beach for the Senior Olympics attending a sports talk by a MD, when God told me to take off my glasses and I understood that He was in the process of healing my eyes. I was nervous about driving back to Oklahoma without my glasses so I negotiated with God to let me wait until I drove home. When I got back to Tulsa, I took off my glasses and put them in my car in the glasses' case. Although I had not been stopped by a policeperson in over twenty years, I was concerned that I might be stopped and get in trouble for not wearing glasses. Several months later, I was stopped and given a warning for not coming to a full stop and I was so nervous that I forgot to slip on my glasses. Fortunately God was looking after me and the policeman thanked me for my courtesy and never noticed that I was supposed to be wearing glasses. Some healings are instant and others are a gradual process. God's healing of my eyes was a gradual process over a year and a half long. In 2004 I could tell my eyesight was getting progressively better. In 2005 they advertised a free eye clinic for older people and I went and had my eyes checked and the woman said my eyesight was good enough to get driver's license in Oklahoma (20/30). A few months later, I wanted to have my eye miracle confirmed but I didn't trust eye Doctors, who would test your eyes and then tell you that there had been a change and want to sell you new glasses. Then God reminded me of what that woman said at the eye Doctor's free exam and told me to go to the State Driver's license place and have my eyes retested and the restriction removed. They did retest my eyes and after wearing glasses for over 46 years, they removed the restriction from my driver's license and confirmed that God had healed my eyes.

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a copy of my new driver's license with no restrictions

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I have also learned that God uses my eyes to guide me spiritually. I praise and thank God everyday for healing and restoring my eyesight. God is awesome.

The above is a miracle story that we are sharing so that others may be blessed by what the one true God, who has a son named Jesus, is doing in people's lives.

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