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Q: What kind of Church is Jesus Center?

A: We are an interdenominational Church, which means we accept all Christians from all Churches in love the way Jesus accepts everyone. We believe what is in the Bible the way it is written. We believe what Jesus teaches both by words or example.

Q: Does your Church offer premarital counseling and training?

A: Yes and it is optional. Our Free Marriage Workshop will help you become the team God intended you to be. God promised in Genesis 2:24 that the two will become one and our Workshop helps you obtain that oneness. There is a different workshop every week for six weeks. At present, if you participate in at least two Workshops, we will give you a certificate that will reduce the cost of your marriage license to $5. Our Workshops are every Sunday from 6 to 8 pm.

Q: How long is the wedding service?

A: Ten to fifteen minutes. If a wedding service last longer than 10 to 15 minutes ( not considering music), they are doing something besides getting you married, like preaching, lecturing, etc..

Q: Do we rehearse the wedding?

A: Yes, Normally we rehearse the bride and groom only, 100% as soon as the wedding is scheduled as they have 95% of what there is to do and we train everybody else (maid of honor, best man, flower girls, etc.) 15 minutes before the wedding.

Q: What if we have a rehearsal dinner scheduled?

A: We will help you by having a small rehearsal before you go to the dinner, although it is not necessary. Because the time used would prevent another wedding from being scheduled at our Church, we would ask for additional minimum donation equivalent to the smallest Church wedding.. Note: the Bride and Groom have already gone completely through the wedding service. If anyone wants to recommend anything being done differently, please be aware that it must be discussed by the Pastor and the Bride and Groom, privately.

Q: How early should we arrive?

A: Most girls do their hair and make up before they come and arrive 30 minutes before the wedding scheduled start time to put their dress on. Most men come dressed and we encourage them to arrive 20 minutes before so the bride will not worry about them.

Q: Do the weddings start on time?

A: YES, if you feel you are unable to start at the scheduled time, please let us know so we can reschedule your wedding for another time.

Q: How long do we have?

A: Most weddings involve greeting the bride and groom, taking pictures and visiting after the wedding service. Usually your guests are ready to leave by 30 to 45 minutes after the scheduled start time.(or 1 hour to 1 1/2 hours with a reception) If you are planning anything that might encourage people to stay longer, please let us know when you schedule your wedding.

Q: Does everyone count in the number of guest like the wedding party, children, etc.?

A: YES. The only people that might not count as guests are the bride and groom.

Q: What if more people come.

A: If after you send out your invitations, your responses indicate that more people are coming you may come in and take care of the difference. Please remember that not everyone you invite will come and not everyone who says they are coming, will come.

Q: How do we reserve our day and time?

A: To reserve your day and time, you make your minimum donation in advance.

Q: Can we use a check?

A: Yes if it is more than three weeks before the wedding. if is less than three weeks, please only use cash.

Q: What if we change our mind or have a conflict?

A: Since it prevents others from scheduling that time, all donations are non-refundable. With a weeks notice we will reschedule your wedding one time to another day and time, to help you.

Q: How much is the Pastor's donation?

A: Most people usually give between $50 - 75 - $100 and most people put the cash in the envelope with the marriage license at the time of the wedding. Occasionally people want to give the Pastor's donation in advance when they make their minimum donation and that is okay.

Q: What if we are unable to make our donation in advance to reserve our day and time?

A: Occasionally that happens (especially for people who live out of sate or who are unable to schedule ahead). To help in those situations we have a provision involving mulitple phone calls and a minium donation of at least $80.

Q: Can we take pictures of the wedding?

A: YES. We encourage pictures of your wedding during the service and the person taking is welcome to move around all they need to. The only exception is during prayers we feel that everyone should show respect for God and pray with us. We encourage everyone to pose for pictures after the wedding. Please do not allow movement of any of our church furnishings and please be aware that our candles are the expensive type that will not re-light without trimming, SO PLEASE DO NOT TRY TO RE-LIGHT OUR CANDLES.

Q: What are the details about the groom not seeing the bride before the wedding.

A: Some people like to say it is bad luck. As a Christian, we are not concerned with luck. Frequently, brides are pressured by their friends about him not seeing her. One of the ways they get around it is to say "he didn't see me in my dress before the wedding". Recently, I have noticed that most brides don't worry about this, however if it is a concern we will help you.

Q: Can we dress casual?

A: YES. If you feel comfortable wearing it in the super market, feel comfortable wearing it in our Church.

Q: Can the men wear cowboy hats?

A: YES. They may want to co-ordinate removing them during prayers.

Q: Can we have a flower girl(s)?

A: YES. Please only use artificial flower pedals. No real flower pedals, no potpourri etc.. We always ask that the pedals be picked up after the wedding. (note: we do have a flower basket and some pedals you may want to borrow - if you want to borrow them, please remind me again when you arrive to dress for your wedding)

Q: Can we have a ring bearer?

A: YES. We recommend that the best man tie the rings on the pillow using a simple bowknot. (note: we do have a ring pillow you may want to borrow - if you want to borrow it remind me again when you arrive for your wedding)

Q: What if we do not have rings?

A: God does not require rings to have a wedding.

Q: Should we just use the wedding band or have both rings put on the bride?

A: Most weddings usually use both rings. Some suggest that the engagement ring be put on the right hand and only the band be used in the wedding, with the engagement ring slipped on the left hand later. Most people prefer to have both rings prayed for and used in your vows. Your choice.

Q: What kind of wedding service is it?

A: It is traditional where traditional sounds good, like it begins with "Dearly beloved". It is more positive than the old way where the talked about "till you die" - we say "for the rest of your life". It is more correct before God where the old way had you pronounced "man and wife", we pronounce you "husband and wife" because you are both getting married. Etc.

Q: Is it okay for someone to walk me in?

A: Yes. Since God does not treat women like property to be given away, we ask "who presents this woman to be married to this man?". Usually people use their father or a son or a brother or an uncle, or a mother, or a friend.

Q: What if I don't have someone to walk me in?

A: Most of the time in this situation the Bride and Groom walk in together.

Q: What if we have a special song we would like played during our wedding?

A: That is fine, but not required. The placement of the song is usually done when the bride and groom and the Pastor go over the service. The song must be placed on a cassette by itself. Usually a song last for 5 or 6 minutes and sometimes the bride and groom are ready after a few minutes to move on with the service. If the bride will signal the Pastor by moving her thumb across under her chin, the Pastor will fade out the song and go on with the service.

Q: Is "obey" in your wedding service?

A: Again we try to be correct before God, so obedience is only encouraged toward Jesus.

Q: Can we use bird seed or bubbles after the wedding?

A: Yes. Usually, if there is a reception at another location, the bird seed or bubbles are used after the reception. If you want to use them after the wedding, please arrange to have them handed out - outside as people are leaving. (Please do not use confetti, rice, silly string or any other substance)

Q: How old do the witnesses have to be?

A: We encourage them to be old enough to sign their name in cursive. Remember to select two people, who sign it after they witness your wedding.

Q: Can anyone be a witness, like family members?

A: Yes. The nice thing about family members is you will know who they are in 30 years.

Q: Do the bride and groom sign the license?

A: No, only the two witnesses.

Q: How and when do I get my license back?

A: We finish filling out your marriage license, copy it and mail it to the courthouse. They register it and then mail it back to you. You should receive it in less than two weeks after the wedding.

Q: How do I change my name?

A: Usually that is between you and the Social Security office, tag agency, etc.

Q: Can we come to Church services at Jesus Center?

A: Yes

Q: Do we have to wait till we are married to come to Church?

A: You are welcome NOW!

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