WHO: Everyone is welcome. Our workshop teaches couples skills that are helpful for those considering marriage, newlyweds and those married for many years.

For couples who want to solve problems or prevent them.

"Our relationship was helped more from one workshop than we did from months of counseling, after 5 years of marriage."

Greg and Gina

"I have found that some of the relationship skills that I am learning in the Marriage Workshop are also helpful at work"


Since 2004 we have helped hundreds of couples both married and engaged with our Marriage Workshop. Most of the greatest success stories come from people who have been married several years as they take the training more seriously as frequently the existence of their very marriage is at stake.

WHEN: When we schedule it. Learn new helpful skills in each workshop. Every couple will benefit from only one workshop. They will benefit more from each workshop and there is a new workshop every Sunday for six weeks. And it is designed so you can start at any time. Yes, our workshop does meet the courthouse premarital requirements for a marriage license, including getting a discount. note: Please call 918-835-3787 to schedule an appointment to make the minimum donation to reserve a time and day for a Marriage Workshop.


At Jesus Center located on the Southwest Corner of Admiral Pl and Highway 169

For directions or questions call 83-JESUS (835-3787)

Please go to Jesus Center's Facebook page to see pictures and a map


LEADER is Ed Lindgren. He is trained to lead PREP® by the Founders of PREP®, Dr. Scott Stanley and Dr. Howard Markman from the University of Denver. PREP® is that wonderful marriage workshop you have seen featured on Oprah, 20/20, 48 Hours, Good Morning America, The Today Show and many others. PREP® is based on 30 years of scientific research as you have read about in USA Today, The New York Times, Washington Post, Redbook, Psychology Today, The Tulsa World, etc.. Our Marriage Workshops follow the chapter sequence of that wnderful book "A Lasting Promise" by Dr. Scott Stanley, one of the founders of PREP®.

As the trained workshop leader, Ed has a degree in Psychology from the University of Texas and a Masters in Theology from ORU. He is also the Pastor of Jesus Center. Our Workshop will help you have the oneness in your marriage God promised (Genesis 2:24).


The use of the building, the Workshop Power Point preparation, the video preparation, the leadership and the coaching for the PREP Marriage Workshop is provided through the marriage ministry of Jesus Center. As we help you have the wonderful marriage God intended you to have, you will enjoying restoring or preserving the friendship and communication you had in the beginning of your relationship. As you are helped by our Workshop, you are encouraged to make a donation to our Church in appreciation.

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Less Divorces

Research has shown that people who use what they learn in the Workshop have 50% less divorces than the control group.

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Want to build a Great Marriage?

Our Marriage Workshop is about Skill Building

Our workshop is a straightforward, uncomplicated approach to improving your marriage. The simple fact is all couples experience ups and downs, even Christians. Our Workshop provides you with simple concrete skills you can use to enhance or improve your life. These skills are easy to put into practice, practical for every relationship and FUN!

Where My Saw?

Would you set out to build something without the right tools? Unfortunately, no one hands the bride or groom a how-to manual. And few of us invest the time we should to build one of the most important relationships of our lives. That's where our workshop comes in. By providing the right tools, our workshop offers couples the skills and opportunity to develop their own how-to manuals.

Workshop Tools:

You can use these tools to build a good relationship from the ground up, keep a relationship healthy or rebuild one in need of repair.

1. Communication Skills

The Speaker/Listener Technique is a way to diffuse heated conflicts that harm relationships. This skill helps you take the confusion out of communication.

2. Commitment

Our Workshop helps you both focus on your life-long relationship, where the benefits far outweigh any short-term sacrifices.

3. Fun & Friendship

Fun and friendship can be very inportant to protecting your relationship from eroding over time.

4. Danger Signs

Our workshop teaches you to recognize danger signs and to avoid potential pit-falls.

PREP® Know-How

Our Workshop utilizes research-based proven techniques from PREP® with the wonderful true teachings from Jesus to show you how-to:

Give It To Me Straight

Our Workshop happens in a group setting, where people who are committed to building better relationships come together in a supportive manner. No one is pressured into revealing deep feelings of secret thoughts. Instead, you will learn straightforward skills to improve your quality of life and have the marriage God intended you to have.

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