God is our only Authority

In the maze of Christian religions, people follow many authorities. In addition to the one true God many follow manmade traditions (including teachings and doctrines) or religious leaders of their religions or the bible the way their traditions say to read it or the votes in their religions, etc. Some use fancy words like Apostolic and Ecclesiastical to give more authority to their traditions or suggest that their traditions are equal or better than what God and/or Jesus said because they claim their traditions are the result of guidance of the Holy Spirit over the centuries, sometimes referred to as the Doctrine of Antiquity. Also some use terms like "progressive revelations" implying God keeps revealing things (which is true) resulting in people negating what God said (which is stupid). They forget their Christian history of branding people who disagree with names such as heretics and killing them, frequently by burning them alive, which often discouraged others from disagreeing. Then they would have the audacity to brag that their manmade doctrines must be from God because they had been believed for centuries. Successfully eliminating everyone who disagrees does not prove God's guidance. Some religions think by a majority vote of members or leaders they can change God's rules and say some sins and sexual perversions are now acceptable to God or normal. Today, a popular term is to call others they disagree with a cult, to discredit or even kill other Christians. Jesus foretold that "ANYONE WHO KILLS YOU WILL THINK HE IS OFFERING A SERVICE TO GOD". People have been making up rules and traditions from the beginning. When encouraging early Christians to pray the prayer Jesus told us this is "HOW YOU SHOULD PRAY", in the teachings of the Apostles, the Didache, the apostles told Christians to pray the prayer three times a day following the Jewish manmade prayer tradition. Unfortunately many traditions are not as innocent and many actually conflict with what God and/or Jesus teach. Jesus quotes that God specifically said to the prophet Isaiah "THEIR WORSHIP IS WORTHLESS, FOR THEY TEACH THEIR MAN-MADE LAWS INSTEAD OF THOSE FROM GOD" and yet people continue to teach their manmade laws and traditions as if they were fact. When God originally said this to Isaiah, He was complaining about the manmade Jewish teachings that continued to be a problem in Jesus' day when Jesus quoted these words and unfortunately are still followed by Jews today. Before Christians get too critical of Jews, Christians have also developed manmade teachings. In 1545-63 one of the largest religious groups in Christianity in a series of meetings, they called the Council of Trent; decided their manmade traditions (including teachings and doctrines) were of equal authority with what God and/or Jesus says in the bible. This was actually just affirming opinions that had existed in Christianity for over 1500 years. Other Christian groups have also developed their own manmade traditions including the teachings of the authority of all scriptures in the bible, which place the writings of men like Paul and Peter on the same level or above the words of God and Jesus. God is the only authority and Jesus says that the words He said were what God told Him to "SAY", which enables us to learn from God when we read Jesus' words. 1


1. One of the causes of manmade religious traditions is the mixing or syncretism with other religions. This happens in Judaism for example recently archeologists found ruins of an old synagogue in Israel with the signs of the zodiac in their title floor. There is an old Christian church in England that has the signs of the zodiac in their front stone work. As mentioned previously, early Christians copied a Jewish practice when teaching people a rule for how often to pray. Early Christians frequently developed from environments of strong pagan religions like Greek philosophical religious thinking about "the Word" and Roman gods, etc., which made them vulnerable to mixing religions.

2. Another cause of religious traditions or false doctrines is people taking Jesus words out of context or quoting them without considering other words of Jesus. People use Jesus words to support their manmade doctrines by reading into the words the meaning they want or eisegesis. For example most Christian religions in the world use Jesus' words "I AND MY FATHER ARE ONE", to support their manmade doctrine that God is really deceiving people and He is actually Jesus pretending to be a man and that Jesus is lying when He said "I AM THE SON OF GOD". People are so anxious to support their doctrinal tradition they neglect to remember where Jesus used this term of "ONE" by quoting God, "A MAN WILL LEAVE HIS FATHER AND MOTHER AND UNITE WITH HIS WIFE, AND THE TWO WILL BECOME ONE". When a man becomes one with his wife, they are still two individuals. Jesus is one with His father but is still God's son. Deceiving and lying are characteristics of Satan not God.2

3. Children quickly learn that telling a lie frequently results in having to tell another lie. Another cause of manmade religious traditions or false doctrines is a result of a previous lie or false doctrine. Resulting from the previously mentioned false doctrine that Jesus in really God in the flesh pretending to be His son, several Christian religions that represent a majority of Christianity in the world have decided as a result that Jesus' mother, Mary, was actually the "mother of God". From this faulty conclusion they then decided it is okay to worship and pray to Mary and along with superstitious adoration of martyrs, religions ultimately decided it is okay to pray to other dead people they call saints, even though God forbids communicating with the dead. The better educated leaders in those religions will say they are just asking the dead people to intercede for them or ask God in their behalf. This practice totally ignores that when Jesus tells us to ask God in His "NAME" He specifically says, "I AM NOT SAYING THAT I WILL ASK THE FATHER ON YOUR BEHALF". If Jesus does not ask in our behalf, why suggest that His mother and other dead people will ask God in our behalf?

Just as there are many other manmade traditions and doctrines, there are also many possible causes. It may be wise to not argue or try to convince others away from their manmade doctrines because many are in the category where Jesus says they "WILL BE EVER HEARING BUT NEVER UNDERSTANDING". If you care about someone's misguidance, pray that Jesus will "REVEAL" His father to them. It is probably wise when the word "doctrine" is mentioned to compare it's teachings to what God and Jesus teach, as most doctrines are manmade and will conflict. The best way to avoid manmade traditions or doctrines is to follow Jesus who said, "IF YOU CONTINUE TO OBEY MY TEACHING, YOU ARE TRULY MY FOLLOWERS. THEN YOU WILL KNOW THE TRUTH. AND THE TRUTH WILL MAKE YOU FREE".3

After Jesus rose from the dead, He told His followers "ALL AUTHORITY IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME". God gave authority to Jesus just like a company president will give authority to a vice president but it does not mean the president no longer has authority, in the same way God still has the ultimate authority. Jesus went on to tell His followers to "GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS" or students of all people groups. Then He instructed "BAPTIZING THEM" and gave us the words to use when baptizing. And the final point that many overlook is "TEACHING THEM TO OBEY EVERYTHING I HAVE COMMANDED YOU". Obeying Jesus teachings or everything He has commanded includes when He said "NOT EVERYONE WHO SAYS TO ME, `LORD, LORD,' WILL ENTER THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN, BUT ONLY HE WHO DOES THE WILL OF MY FATHER WHO IS IN HEAVEN". Obeying Jesus leads us back to obeying God, His father and our father in heaven. Consider God our only authority and when we have questions ask God in Jesus' name. Fortunately many Christians do not follow all the stuff their religions promote. 4

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