God's Audible Voice

I had been in Vietnam almost a year and one night on guard duty I was fortunate enough to be assigned to drive the Jeep. It was a lot more fun than sitting in a guard post trying to stay awake. The location of our base was probably the safest place in Vietnam, so probably the greatest risk during guard duty was falling asleep and getting caught. We were primarily a base for planes and their repair, possibly more repair than anywhere in Vietnam. In those days, the Army had more planes than the Air Force. We had everything on our base from helicopters to supply planes to a company of Mohawks.(to read a more detailed story of my Vietnam experience go to the interview for a history class)

The Mohawks were very fast, twin engine planes that would fly secret missions into North Vienam for spy purposes. These planes could fly at tree top level and were so fast that you could not hear them until they were past you. Apparently they were not perfect, as I remember there were a couple of memorial services for the Pilots who didn't make it back. That night I was driving our old Jeep down the longest runway about 2 to 3am. It was very dark and the hangers looked tiny in the distance. The runway was made from giant iron sections with round holes in them hooked together and sprayed with Agent Orange to kill the weeds. These iron sections made the marshy ground firm enough to drive on or land a plane on but were so noisy to drive on in an open Jeep that a person 10 feet away could not be heard without stopping.

I was driving along and I heard a loud, commanding voice say "STOP". As an obedient soldier, I pulled over to the side of the runway and stopped my Jeep. As I stopped my Jeep, I looked around to see who told me to "STOP", immediately a Mohawk landed right where I would have been, I heard nothing until it landed on the iron tarmac. The voice that told me to stop had saved my life. I would never forget this but I remained puzzled as to who told me to stop. There was no one in sight.

Not until nine years later, several years after I came to know God personally, when God spoke to me for the second time in my life audibly, did I realize that it was the same loud commanding voice that saved my life in Vietnam. God had spoken to me and it was nine years before I knew to say "thank you God".

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