Jesus tells us, "THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN ME WILL DO WHAT I DO". Jesus did many things (works, miracles, etc.) in His ministry including helping, "THE BLIND SEE, THE LAME WALK, THE LEPERS ARE CLEANSED, THE DEAF HEAR, THE DEAD ARE RAISED" and He walked on water, He saw things supernaturally, He "PROPHESIED … CAST OUT DEMONS", etc. When people consider what they might like to do that Jesus did, it is good to consider our motives as we do not want to fall into the sin of "PRIDE". We do not want to do many impressive miracles that Jesus did and then discover we are rejected in the end because we did not do God's "WILL" or what God wants and be told "I NEVER KNEW YOU. AWAY FROM ME, YOU EVILDOERS". One time Jesus went to a place where there were many sick people yet only a man, who had been sick 38 years and who did not even know Jesus, was healed. Why would Jesus only heal a person who was not even aware of His ministry out of so many who needed healing? The answer appears to be Jesus was following God's guidance. Jesus tells us that because of His love for His Father, He did everything God told Him to "DO". The initial thing we need to follow from Jesus is to "SAY" and "DO" what God tells us to say and do and all the other things will result from God's guidance. 1

1. Jn 14:12 (GN); Lk 7:22; Mt 14:25; Jn 1:48-50; Mk 7:22; Mt 7:22 (KJ); Mt 7:21-23; Jn 5:2-15; 14:31; 12:49 (NI)

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