Facts are better than faith

There are many people who consider the stories of Jesus a myth like the Christmas story of Jesus birth from a virgin. Some Satan servers are very skilful in using history and details from false religions to try to discredit or create doubt concerning the facts of about Jesus. Some Christians insist we must have faith while others will quote scriptures of prophecies fulfilled. Faith and prophecies may help, especially with believers, but facts are better. One story that many like to target as a myth is the story of Jonah and the whale. Jesus knew the story to be true as He said, "JONAH WAS IN THE STOMACH OF THE BIG FISH FOR …". As we realize the fact of Jesus being true, then all the other stories Jesus believed from creation to Jesus being raised from the dead to Jesus final return to His kingdom are made true. How do we move from faith to facts? Jesus teaches us we should, "ASK IN MY NAME" and that "ANYONE BELIEVING IN ME SHALL DO THE SAME MIRACLES I HAVE DONE". As we experience miracles, we move from faith to the fact that Jesus is alive and what we ask for in His name happens because God answers our prayers just like Jesus said He would. It is better to experience facts from miracles we have personally experienced, as the enemy can use other people to "DO WONDERFUL MIRACLES SO THAT" many "WOULD BE DECEIVED". Each person's personal experience with miracle facts will strengthen that person. What miracles have you asked for? What miracles have you experienced? 1

We all have sin in our lives. Some sin is open for others to see while other sin is very private that only the sinner and God know it exists. Jesus points out that "EVERYONE WHO SINS IS A SLAVE TO SIN". When Jesus told the woman caught in adultery to go and "GO AND SIN NO MORE", He did not say "go and sin less". We need to leave all sin. Remember Jesus encourages us to "BE PERFECT, JUST AS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT". As we overcome sin in our lives, we know that God has helped us. We literally can experience the freedom that Jesus describes when He says, "IF THE SON SETS YOU FREE, YOU WILL BE FREE INDEED". God becomes a reality as He helps us eliminate sin in our lives. Some answered prayer may simply be resisting the desires of our flesh while other sins may require spiritual warfare by using the "NAME" of Jesus. As we recognize that a sin is no longer present in our life as result of God's help having asked in Jesus name, we personally experience the fact that God and Jesus are real. Whether it is experiencing miracles or being set free from a sin, we must make an effort to involve God's help as Jesus teaches us using His name. As we are strengthened and grow in the reality of God and Jesus, our faith moves from just faith to the reality or knowing of fact. This strength helps us in difficult times be able to stand strong or firm, as Jesus says the person, "WHO STANDS FIRM TO THE END WILL BE SAVED". 2

Many will ask, what about others we love and care about? Our desire is for you to be strengthened so you will have eternal life. As you are stronger, you will be a better witness to others and will be better able to help others in moving from faith to fact. Unfortunately as Jesus tells us "NO ONE CAN COME TO ME UNLESS THE FATHER DRAWS HIM TO ME". We can know that God and Jesus are real but others may not be drawn to the truth. If you really care about someone, make them an object of your prayers for God to draw them to Jesus as Jesus tells us, "THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER IS THROUGH ME" and when they come to Jesus you will have another fact from answered prayer. 3

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A Psalm for reflection "He fulfills the desires of those who reverence and trust Him; He hears their cries for help and rescues them" Ps 145:19 (TL)

Understanding the Teaching: What I share in the teaching is what I believe God wants me to share. All the direct quotes from God are highlighted in royal purple. Of course the words of Jesus are in red. Rather than follow some made up doctrine, remember that Jesus said that every thing He said (Jn 12:49) and everything He did (Jn 14:31) comes from God. All teachings and all opinions should be supported by what we learn from God or Jesus (see the scripture referred to in the footnote).


Expectations, we all have them. If they happen, we feel great. If they do not happen, we are very disappointed. Our expectations can affect every part of our marriage. Where do they come from? We can develop expectations from our friends, the media, T V, movies, our relatives, etc. We may want to consider the source of our expectation, if our expectations about marriage come from people who consider themselves experts because they have been married many times, we may want to reconsider those expectations. Yes, some expectations that seem stupid to one couple may be considered great in another marriage. Communicating your expectations with your spouse can help. (a good time to use the Speaker Listener Technique) Anticipating your communication can help. If you have an expectation that might be considered unreasonable, you may anticipate that the expectation will not be well received and refrain from suggesting it and possibility even alter your expectation. Remember that you fell in love with your spouse the way they are and not to try to change them to fit some preconceived expectation. I've known of women dying their hair because their husband always wanted a wife with a different hair color.

The Better Half "When your partner won't support your efforts to make your marriage better" Without your spouse's support to improve your marriage, you can still pray daily for God's will to be done in each of your lives and your marriage ("all things are possible with God", Mk 10:27 NI). Without your spouses help you may still inquire about what your spouse wants or expects and communicate your expectations. People usually like to talk about what they want. Remember that you fell in love with your spouse the way they are and not for some way you hoped they could be. When a spouse calls "time out", it is an opportunity for a couple to calm down before continuing the conversation at a later time (anywhere from an hour to no later than the next day) using the Speaker Listener Technique. Initially after calling time out it is an opportunity to take authority over the enemy and pray for the marriage. Example:

"In the name of Jesus I command you demons to shut up and leave our marriage and not return"

"Thank you God for helping our marriage be in Your will and guiding us in our relationship, in Jesus name, amen."

When a spouse will not cooperate, you can still take authority over the enemy and pray for your marriage.

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