Week of March 27, 2011

Spirit Power

Have you ever wished you could be bolder about telling others what Jesus means to you? Jesus says, "YOU WILL RECEIVE POWER WHEN THE HOLY SPIRIT COMES ON YOU; AND YOU WILL BE MY WITNESSES". Have you ever been uncertain about offering to pray for someone's healing? Jesus says, "BELIEVERS WILL … PLACE THEIR HANDS ON SICK PEOPLE, AND THESE WILL GET WELL". Does the idea of driving out a demon make you nervous or skeptical? Jesus says, "BELIEVERS WILL … DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME". When you receive God's spirit you will receive power to tell others what Jesus means to you. Power to do all the things Jesus did in His ministry, including driving out demons, raising the dead, healing the sick. Jesus tells us that God's spirit "will guide you". We can be confident of the guidance because "he will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears" just like Jesus who said, "I did not speak of My own accord". God's spirit can guide you just like God guided Jesus. When Jesus refers to God's spirit as the "spirit of truth" it is with the same confidence that He says I am "the truth"1.

Unfortunately many who say they follow Jesus are following without the help of God's spirit. Some try to follow Jesus by reading their bible and listening to others but they only follow some of what Jesus taught. Jesus wants us to "receive power when the Holy Spirit comes on you". How do you know if you are empowered by God's spirit? One of the attributes of God's spirit is to "convict" people of their sins. Even people who do not know God or Jesus are convicted of their sins. Perhaps convicting of sins is one of the most elementary levels of God's spirit in action and may demonstrate God's love for His creation. As a follower of Jesus, to receive God's Holy Spirit Jesus says all you need to do is to "ask". Many desire to have the power of God's spirit and yet are uncertain if they have it. When you pray for people's healing, it is with the help of God's spirit. When you use spiritual warfare God's spirit gives you positive results. Jesus says that God spirit "will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you". Do you experience remembering things of God that you didn't remember or knowledge that you do not remembering having? Do you find your self, saying things of God that you didn't plan? Jesus tells us at times it will be God's spirit "speaking through you". You may feel the presence of God's spirit "in you". You may experience speaking in a language you have not learned like the followers did on the day of Pentecost or as Jesus calls speaking in "tongues". All of these are indications that the power of God's spirit is present2.

Some who say they believe want to pick and choose. They may enjoy praying for healing but do not feel comfortable driving out demons. They may like witnessing but are embarrassed to be speaking in "tongues". Jesus never taught or promoted partial believers. Believing in God's Son does not have choices where you can believe in salvation but not in healing or have loves for others but not forgive others. Be encouraged to pray in God's spirit language during your daily prayers. For stronger results, pray in God's spirit language with your mouth while you pray with your understanding with your mind.

1. Ac 1:8 (NI); Mk 16:17-18 (TE); Jn 14:12; 16:13; 12:49: 14:6 (NI)

2. Jn 16:8; Lk 11:13; Jn 14:26; Mt 10:20; Jn 14:17; Ac 2:4; Mk 16:17 (NI)

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A Psalm for reflection "Teach me to do what You want, because You are my God. Let Your good Spirit lead me on level ground." Ps 143:10 (IC)

Understanding the Teaching: What I share in the teaching is what I believe God wants me to share. All the direct quotes from God are highlighted in royal purple. Of course the words of Jesus are in red. Rather than follow some made up doctrine, remember that Jesus said that every thing He said (Jn 12:49) and everything He did (Jn 14:31) comes from God. All teachings and all opinions should be supported by what we learn from God or Jesus (see the scripture referred to in the footnote).

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In our marriages, the first thing to go is being a friend. Friendship type activities and taking time to talk like friends. A friend listens without being defensive, respects their friend's opinion and doesn't offer an unwanted advice, unless asked. With a friend you feel safe to open up and often you develop mutual interests. It is important to set apart a time of friendship time together. It is good to protect that time together by eliminating issues and possible problems by having your weekly couples meeting in advance using the Speaker Listener Technique.

The Better Half "When your partner won't support your efforts to make your marriage better"

Without your spouse's support to improve your marriage, you can still pray daily for God's will to be done in each of your lives and your marriage ("all things are possible with God", Mk 10:27 NI).Even without you spouse's help you can be a good friend. Like doing friendship type activities and taking time to talk like friends. A friend listens without being defensive, respects their friend's opinion and doesn't offer an unwanted advice, unless asked. With a friend you feel safe to open up and often you develop mutual interests.

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