JESUS' WORLDVIEW: KEEP ON LIVING One of Jesus most well known quotes is "GOD LOVED THE WORLD SO MUCH THAT HE GAVE HIS ONLY SON, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT DIE BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE" (Jn 3:16 GN). Meaning if we believe in Jesus, we will keep on living for eternity. To help understand what it means to believe in Jesus, He tells us that the person "WHO BELIEVES IN ME WILL DO THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO" (Jn 14:12 IC) which includes "I HAVE OBEYED MY FATHER'S COMMANDS" (Jn 15:10) for example when Jesus said He said what God told Him what to "SAY" (Jn 12:49) and He did what God told Him to "DO" (Jn 14:31). [note: under the Christian umbrella there are many worldviews but only the Worldview of Jesus, "GOD'S SON" (Jn 10:36 NI), resulting from His guidance from God, is the pure "TRUTH" (Jn 14:6)] If we believe in Jesus we will seek God's guidance, obey Jesus' teachings and "WILL NEVER DIE" (Jn 8:51 GN). Yes, our bodies will die but we "WILL LIVE, EVEN AFTER DYING" (Jn 11:25 NL) and "HAVE ETERNAL LIFE" as Jesus promised. To have this worldview of Jesus is difficult as it conflicts with many manmade teachings yet Jesus makes it very clear that we will not have to be concerned with judgment day when He says, "THOSE WHO HEAR MY WORDS AND BELIEVE IN HIM WHO SENT ME HAVE ETERNAL LIFE. THEY WILL NOT BE JUDGED, BUT HAVE ALREADY PASSED FROM DEATH TO LIFE" (Jn 5:24 GN). Jesus worldview is if we believe in Him we will keep on living when our bodies die. Have the Worldview if we believe in Jesus we will keep on living when our bodies die.

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A Psalmist wrote: "For a soul is far too precious to be ransomed by mere earthly wealth. There is not enough of it in all the earth to buy eternal life for just one soul, to keep it out of hell." Ps 49:8 TL


In February 2010, a CBS poll found that 9 out of 10 married Americans said they would marry their spouse again. As we give you the tools to improve your marriage, remember that over 75% of married Americans are still on their first marriage and 90% are happy with their choice of spouse. When a discussion seems to be turning negative, it is time to say, "I need a time out". For those of you who have never had a discussion get bad, this might be when voices get louder and louder or when you are calling each other names that are not nice or when you both are hearing things more negatively than intended or when there is a subject that one of you refuses to discuss. After you say "I need a time out", it is a good time to take authority over the enemy (the devil) and pray for your marriage. Once you are both calmer, it is a good time to resume the conversation by using the Speaker Listener Technique. Click on the preceding link and learn more about how to use the Speaker Listener Technique and as always if you have any questions about how to use it you can email me at or call me at (918) 835-3787. Note: the Speaker Listener Technique is one of the most important concepts that we teach in our Marriage Workshops. It is so important that we teach it in all six workshops.

The Better Half "When your partner won't support your efforts to make your marriage better" Without your spouse's support to improve your marriage, you can still pray daily for God's will to be done in each of your lives and your marriage. Jesus said, "all things are possible with God", Mk 10:27 NI). When a discussion is turning negative, you can stop your contribution to the conflict. This is a good time to pray privately for your marriage and for guidance on what to say and do. This is also a good time to take authority in the Name of Jesus over the enemy who wants to destroy your marriage. Remember that over 75% of married Americans are still on their first marriage and 90% are happy with their choice of spouse. When a spouse calls "time out", it is an opportunity for a couple to calm down before continuing the conversation at a later time (anywhere from an hour to no later than the next day) using the Speaker Listener Technique. Initially after calling time out it is an opportunity to take authority over the enemy and pray for the marriage. Example: "In the name of Jesus I command you demons to shut up and leave our marriage and not return" "Thank you God for helping our marriage be in Your will and guiding us in our relationship, in Jesus name, amen." When a spouse will not cooperate, you can still take authority over the enemy and pray for your marriage.

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