Jesus gave us an example of avoiding politics by not being trapped in a political question when He said, "GIVE TO CAESAR WHAT IS CAESAR AND TO GOD WHAT IS GOD'S". Jesus directed people to God not to political solutions. Some followers of Jesus get so excited about helping people; they get involved in secular politics or church politics in an effort to accomplish more for God. Although Jesus avoids political positions, frequently politicians quote Jesus or the bible to justify their positions. From the beginning of Jesus life until the end, political leaders were concerned about Jesus. Calling Him the "King of the Jews" upset people at His birth all the way to His execution, even though He clarified "MY KINGDOM IS NOT OF THIS WORLD". Many of the political agendas promoted by using Jesus name are misappropriated. When Jesus quoted God's command to "HONOR YOUR FATHER AND MOTHER" He was not urging the government to take care of older people but for children to take care of their parents and to treat them with respect. When Jesus says, "I WAS HUNGRY AND YOU GAVE ME SOMETHING TO EAT" He didn't say, "I was hungry and the government provided food". He was not promoting governments feeding people but rather us helping others. There is nothing wrong with a government helping people but it wouldn't be necessary if we all followed Jesus and helped our relatives, friends and neighbors. Sometimes Christian leaders take political positions and even encourage their followers to seek political office. In some countries, the word Christian is part of a political party's name. Most political groups have some positions that are commendable from God's viewpoint and also some positions that are offensive to God. Jesus did not advocate political solutions. 1

When Jesus walked the earth, He did not take political positions rather when the opportunity arose He seem to take personal encouraging positions that led people to God. When He encountered people like tax collectors that treated people unfairly or cheated them, Jesus didn't criticize them or protest against them or promote political action against them, rather He associated with them and led them to God. One time in Jericho, Jesus told Zacchaeus, a tax collector, "I MUST STAY AT YOUR HOUSE TODAY". The result was Zacchaeus announced later, "I give half of my possessions to the poor, and if I have cheated anybody out of anything, I will pay back four times the amount". The Roman occupation forces had a very unfair practice where a soldier could force you to carry his gear for a mile. Jesus didn't encourage political action against them but rather He stated, "IF SOMEONE FORCES YOU TO GO ONE MILE, GO WITH HIM TWO MILES". Most societies discourage adultery and yet when confronted with the opportunity, Jesus did not suggest legal action or condemn the woman caught in adultery, instead He encouraged her to "LEAVE YOUR LIFE OF SIN". 2.

Some followers of Jesus believe they can accomplish more by playing church politics and rising to levels of church leadership, often as a result of voting. Jesus gave us a different example. Shortly after the beginning of Jesus ministry, He returned to His hometown and attended the weekly service "as was His custom". As Jesus said what God told Him "TO SAY", it was so offensive to the others, they kicked him out of the Synagogue. Jesus had the courage to say what God wanted Him to say rather than be politically correct and say what people wanted to hear. Some followers of Jesus are so anxious to have Jesus in a religious leadership role they refer to Him as "rabbi" even though Jesus says, "YOU ARE NOT TO BE CALLED 'RABBI'". Yes, Jesus had a lot of contact with religious leaders and referred to them as "HYPOCRITES", "BLIND GUIDES" and other offensive terms, which is not a way to get votes or a leadership role. Jesus example of avoiding politics or political opinions or being politically correct is an example to be followed. Jesus commands "DO NOT JUDGE OTHERS, SO THAT GOD WILL NOT JUDGE YOU" and yet we Christians are often very judgmental. One time Jesus was faced with religious people who were feeling very judgmental against a person who was apparently very guilty. Jesus discouraged their desire to judge by saying, "WHICHEVER ONE OF YOU HAS COMMITTED NO SIN MAY THROW THE FIRST STONE …". Jesus clearly informs us, "HE WHO IS NOT AGAINST US IS WITH US" yet people will judge Christian politicians by claiming they are not Christians based on their religion's manmade doctrines, while ignoring the baggage of their own manmade doctrines. It is better leave the judging to Jesus who informs us that God has given Him the authority to "JUDGE" (not us). Jesus definitely gives us an example of avoiding politics both secular and religious as everyone of all political persuasions need God. To help it is good to remember Jesus' example of saying what God told Him to "SAY" and doing what God told Him to "DO". We need to seek God's guidance all the time. It is more important to please God than to please people! 3

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Some people consider democracy as the answer for improving society, yet sometimes when an oppressive dictator is replaced by a democracy it results in elected people who advocate greater oppression. Democracy is only as good as the people voting. Evil societies will produce evil results. Some voters democratically choose to exploit others by regressive tax burdens such as sales taxes that are harder on people who are "HUNGRY" or "WITHOUT CLOTHES" to wear. God may judge negatively the people or country as a whole that mistreat the poor. If the voters decide through their democratic process it is okay to kill certain people, they may be in trouble with God who clearly states as Jesus reminds us, "DO NOT KILL". Notice God, who says He "FORMED YOU IN THE WOMB", does not mention any age exception where killing is okay. One of the smallest units of democracy is a marriage and occasionally married couples make a democratic decision that results in them both going to jail. There was a man Ananias who decided with his wife Sapphira to lie. After Peter pointed out they "lied to God", God killed them both. God punished large people groups like the city of Sodom because "THEY ARE VERY EVIL". It appears their evil included homosexual rape which some countries endorse in their prisons by ignoring it. Some democratically elected governments encourage "SEXUAL SINS" by penalizing economically, people who want to remarry after a spouse dies and others by telling people involved in perverted "SEXUAL SINS" that it is normal conduct, even endorsing their sinful conduct by saying they can be "married". Some democratically elected groups penalize educators who teach the truth that "GOD MADE THE WORLD". Jesus prophesied the destruction of Jerusalem which included thousands of deaths and destruction of the second Temple after describing all of the people of God killed over the years, He said "THE PUNISHMENT FOR ALL THESE MURDERS WILL FALL ON THIS PEOPLE GROUP" and yes, executing God's son may have played a role in their punishment. The issue is not liberal or conservative but does our conduct offend God. Countries today with democratic actions that offend God by endorsing or promoting things contrary to God are committing a form of suicide by democracy for their people as God may punish them in many ways. God is the answer not democracy! 1

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