When Jesus tells us, "PEACE IS WHAT I LEAVE WITH YOU; IT IS MY OWN PEACE THAT I GIVE YOU", the question becomes how do we understand His peace and how do receive it? Jesus goes on to give understanding about His peace by saying, "DO NOT BE WORRIED AND UPSET; DO NOT BE AFRAID". Even the early followers, to whom Jesus was speaking when He made these statements, had worries and fears. Jesus statements about peace are made at the end of some statements about God's spirit or the Holy Spirit being sent to us, yet most people today who have God's spirit working in their lives seem to have worries and fears. An initial clue is Jesus words "MY OWN PEACE". Jesus gives us examples of His peace without worries and fears. One time near the beginning of His ministry, Jesus was in His hometown synagogue and after reading from Isaiah, He shared several things including "PROPHETS ARE NEVER WELCOMED IN THEIR HOMETOWN" and then mentioned two supporting illustrations from the ministries of "ELIJAH" and "ELISHA". The truth upset His hometown Jewish neighbors so much; they grabbed Him and dragged Him up to the top of a hill, intending to throw Jesus off a cliff to His death. Jesus exhibited no worry when He said these upsetting statements and showed no fear as the crowd manhandled Him and at the last minute God intervened and Jesus calmly walked away right through the crowd and left. The reason Jesus had such peace was because He knew He was saying and doing what God told Him to "SAY" and "DO". To have Jesus' peace we must follow His example and only "SAY" and "DO" what God tells us. Jesus was not concerned if people liked Him or respected Him or admired Him. Jesus knew these men in His hometown and what they were like and how violent they could become but Jesus was not concerned for His physical life. Jesus only concern was to "SAY" what God wanted Him to say. Yes, sometimes God intervenes in people's lives when it suits God's purposes. When Jesus was a baby, God intervened to save Jesus and His family by, having an angel tell Joseph to take them and "ESCAPE TO EGYPT". If you have ever realized God intervening in your life, know that "MUCH IS REQUIRED" from you. Another time Jesus gave us an example of peace when He was betrayed by one of His close followers to Jewish religious leaders who turned Him over to the Romans to be executed. After being treated cruelly and beaten savagely, Jesus stood tall in pain before Pilate who was going to have Him killed and with no sign of worry or fear Jesus strongly responded to Pilate, "YOU HAVE AUTHORITY OVER ME ONLY BECAUSE IT WAS GIVEN TO YOU BY GOD". To have Jesus' peace we must follow His example and only "SAY" and "DO" what God tells us. Then we will "NOT BE WORRIED" and will "NOT BE AFRAID". And we will know we have Jesus' "PEACE". 1

1. Jn 14:27; Lk 4:16-30; Jn 12:49; 14:31; Mt 2:13; Lk 12:48; Jn 19:11 (GN)

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