Middle of February 2009, God told me "there will be an economic meltdown in your country". I was not told how soon in terms of months or years. When someone tells you God told him something, be careful. Check it out with God. Also make sure it does not conflict with what God and Jesus say, as found in your bible. The part in italics is the part that God told me. The way God described the meltdown was with "a generic loaf of 1 ½ lb sandwich bread that in 1985 cost $.34, in 2009 costs $1.24 and soon will cost $5 and then $10. Your money will be worth less. People will have money from jobs or savings or government support, etc. but will not be able to afford basics. People will have needs".

The value of God letting us know about the coming economic meltdown is so we can prepare just like they did in Joseph's day (Genesis 41). Ask God what you should do to prepare for this difficult time.

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