Most people are afraid of dying. People are afraid of tornadoes or killer weather even when there may be a greater risk of dying while driving a car. People are so afraid of dying that unethical people in the medical industry exploit their fear of dying and take advantage financially of vulnerable people who are hoping to stay alive while the richest people with best medical care continue to die. Is the fear of dying based on leaving the known life and going to the unknown? Perhaps, however many may be aware consciously or subconsciously that they are on "THE ROAD THAT LEADS TO HELL" which Jesus says "IS A VERY EASY ROAD" which would be a good reason to fear dying. Many years ago an English student in Vietnam wrote a note to her teacher explaining her absence from a previous class by saying she had gone to her boyfriend's funeral and she wrote, "I am happy for him he go to Buddha". Her enthusiasm for her boyfriend's afterlife was as strong as many Christian's view of afterlife but strong faith and believing incorrectly will not get a person to eternal life. Unfortunately, in the many different manmade religious teachings in Christianity there are many different guidelines for having eternal life with the only certain fact is that at a person's funeral or memorial service most will claim the person went to heaven or to be with Jesus, etc. A non-Christian attending Christian funerals might wonder if Jesus statement that "ONLY A FEW PEOPLE FIND THAT ROAD" to eternal life was untrue. Jesus not only tells the truth, He is "THE TRUTH" as Jesus says quite simple "THE ONLY WAY TO THE FATHER IS THROUGH ME". Not Buddha or some other false god, not some church proclamation or promise, not some manmade religious teaching about salvation, only through Jesus and Jesus has been given the authority to "JUDGE". As for the only other religion that follows the one true God, the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and father of Jesus, is the religion of the children of Israel; who are God's chosen people. Do not be misled by the false claims of Mohammad and his followers who are helped by the deceiver, as their made up god is a false god. 1

When we go through Jesus to God, everything Jesus teaches is helpful. Jesus tells us, "GOD … GAVE HIS ONLY SON, SO THAT EVERYONE WHO BELIEVES IN HIM MAY NOT DIE BUT HAVE ETERNAL LIFE". Believing in Jesus can be a life style and we can have eternal life now. Jesus tells us that the only people who will enter the kingdom of heaven are "THOSE WHO DO WHAT MY FATHER IN HEAVEN WANTS THEM TO DO". Jesus assures us that "THE PERSON WHO CONTINUES STRONG UNTIL THE END WILL BE SAVED". As we come to God through His son Jesus, we will have no fear of death because Jesus teaches us that even though our bodies die we "WILL LIVE". 2


God has blessed me many ways since He had me start doing marathons in 2002 and this is a story of the greatest blessing to date. Three weeks ago, as I finished a half marathon, the last half mile was so painful and my insides were so unusually queasy and nauseous that I felt like I could die. Even as I drove myself home I perceived I was at risk of dying. From that experience, God had me share this teaching about not fearing death. I knew that in three weeks I was scheduled to do a full marathon. Over the next three weeks as I continued to train, I repeatedly asked God if I could cancel doing the marathon and His repeated response was that I should do it. God did encourage me and cause me to go slower in the marathon. Yesterday April 28, 2012, I finished (or survived) the Frisco Rail Road Marathon near Springfield, MO and was first in my age group but the most important detail is I am still alive. I had wondered if I did die how long it would take someone to find this teaching about not fearing dying on the computer. Although I am comfortable with having eternal life, there are more pleasant and less painful ways for a body to die than during a marathon. As a child of God that is still learning, God used this experience to help me grow stronger in the area He compliments when He says, "THEY DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF DEATH". 3

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3. Rev 12:11 (IC)

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