Shoulder Healing Miracle

Nita shares how God healed her shoulder that was injured so serious her doctor recommended surgery. Two years ago I injured my right shoulder. I couldn't do anything without pain. My husband, Sherman & I prayed, I went up at church for prayer, a friend prayed for me over the phone, the ladies group at church prayed for my healing. I was not able to carry anything with my right arm, hand. I couldn't hold up any weight. Sherman & I went to a meeting of a precious woman of God's ministry in Tulsa one Thursday morning. I hadn't seen this woman of God for 10 years. She knew nothing about my quest for healing or my injury. She came up behind me and said, you have received your healing in your shoulder. I was able to carry my purse and my bible with my right hand as we left the meeting. The Lord has completely healed the shoulder. My doctor said I would have to under go surgery, etc. But, guess what, I'm just fine. Praise God!

The above is a miracle story that we are sharing so that others may be blessed by what the one true God, who has a son named Jesus, is doing in people's lives.

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