Thyroid Healing Miracle

Nita shares how God healed her thyroid gland. Five years ago I had run out of 'synthroid', which is a thyroid medication for slow thyroid production. I have been taking synthroid for 40 years with testing, etc. necessary each year. This testing, etc. is somewhat expensive. I was waiting for my SS insurance to kick in when I ran out of medication. I laid hands on my throat and asked the Lord to heal my thyroid gland and cause the gland to produce as a healed organ. I went to the doctor 3 months later and was tested for thyroid medication needs. I was healed and the test showed no need for medication. Praise God! I have recently been retested at the doctor's request and I am still okay, not needing synthroid.

The above is a miracle story that we are sharing so that others may be blessed by what the one true God, who has a son named Jesus, is doing in people's lives.

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