Most military Veterans experienced initial training designed to develop obedience. Immediate obedience without question can be crucial in times of military conflict and some Veterans can share how instant obedience saved their life. (go to this link to read a Veteran's story how God used his immediate obedience to save his life, not realizing the command was from God) Unfortunately commands from military leaders and the politicians over them, may be bad commands at times and cost lives unnecessarily. When God gives a command it is good by definition as Jesus tells us "ONLY GOD IS GOOD" (Mt 19:16 IC). Obedience is an enduring theme for both God and Jesus. Many of us have good brains, education and successful experience making good decisions yet none of us make decisions as good as the one true God, the God of Jacob who has a son named Jesus. The best most intelligent decision a person can make is to follow Jesus who says, "IF YOU LOVE ME, OBEY ME" (Jn 14:15 TL). One of the ways we obey Jesus is when He tells us to enter the kingdom of heaven we need to "OBEY MY FATHER IN HEAVEN" (Mt 7:21 TL). Jesus points out to "OBEY" God we need "HEAR" God. Hearing God includes God's "WORD" (Lk 11:28 NI) or words as recorded in our bible and what He tells us in specific situations (go to this link to learn how to hear God's voice). God likes immediate obedience like the military but God also likes obedience when we have time to think about it even if it could cost us our lives on earth, as God compliments people who do "NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH AS TO SHRINK FROM DEATH" (Rev 12:11 NI). Jesus had time to think about it and decided to tell God "NOT WHAT I WANT, BUT WHAT YOU WANT" (Mt 26:39 GN) a few hours before His execution. Unlike the military that wants to keep their people alive, God knows that there is something more important than our life on earth and that we can continue to live in eternal life after our bodies die as He had (Jn 12:49) Jesus share "THOSE WHO BELIEVE IN ME WILL LIVE, EVEN THOUGH THEY DIE" (Jn 11:25 GN). Obeying God is risk free if we "HAVE FAITH IN GOD" (Mk 11:22 GN) and believe in Jesus.

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