After God created us He was sorry He made us because most people were very evil and He decided "I WILL DESTROY ALL HUMAN BEINGS THAT I MADE ON THE EARTH". Then God found one good person and started over with Noah and his family. God promised Noah He would not punish the whole earth again. God then resorted to just punishing people and groups and cities while developing His Chosen People from "ABRAHAM, ISAAC AND JACOB" and their descendants. Some of God's Chosen People were very good like Joseph who made an effort to not "sin against God" while others were not. God gave His people many laws ranging from dietary laws to laws on subjects such as disobeying parents to many sexual sins to satanic acts (such as witchcraft, fortunetelling, divination, talking to spirits of the dead, etc.) to laws for holy living, etc., through Moses to help them lead lives more pleasing to God. God described punishments for sins for people to carry out that included executing the guilty person sometimes, in an effort to purge evil and disobedience. God also used His old methods of punishments and one time His Chosen People made Him so angry He wanted "TO DESTROY THEM" all and start over with Moses and his offspring but Moses got God to change His mind. God was also concerned about people who were not His Chosen People as one time God sent Jonah to tell the people of Nineveh He was going to punish them because of the "EVIL THINGS" they did. God changed His mind after the people of Nineveh repented. God wants to forgive. Killing everyone on earth or whole cities or even disobedient individuals did not eliminate evil or disobedience. 1

Jesus, having been with God "BEFORE THE CREATION OF THE WORLD", knew about "NOAH", "MOSES" and "JONAH". Jesus knew about all the laws and the prescribed punishments for people to carry out and even mentioned a few subjects like "DO NOT COMMIT ADULTERY". Remember Jesus tells us that everything He says is what God told Him to "SAY" and everything He did is what God told Him to "DO". God used Jesus to set us free of the old dietary laws when Jesus stated that instead of it being what you eat that makes you unclean, it is, "WHAT COMES OUT OF A MAN IS WHAT MAKES HIM 'UNCLEAN'" and then mentioned some of sins that come out of people. God also used Jesus to set us free from carrying out the old punishments by retaliation like "AN EYE FOR AN EYE" when Jesus said, "DO NOT TAKE REVENGE ON SOMEONE WHO WRONGS YOU", which means we give immediate forgiveness. God set us free from having to carry out the horrible un-forgiveness of retaliation. One time some men brought a woman caught in adultery and asked Jesus about following the punishments provided in the law by killing her with stones. God had Jesus set us free by example from carrying out punishments, when Jesus said to them, "IF ANY ONE OF YOU IS WITHOUT SIN, LET HIM BE THE FIRST TO THROW A STONE AT HER". And the men who brought her all left, one at a time. Jesus brings us His Father's desire to forgive. Does that mean that we are free to commit adultery or other sins when we feel like it? No, Jesus concluded by telling her, "GO NOW AND LEAVE YOUR LIFE OF SIN". 2

Some sins like "MURDER" are covered by civil laws in most countries while many other sins like "FORNICATION" and "LYING" frequently appear to be protected by civil laws. Since God no longer requires us to punish people who break His laws, does that mean God's laws are no longer in effect? Jesus tells us not one detail of the law will change until "UNTIL HEAVEN AND EARTH DISAPPEAR". Earth has definitely not disappeared. A man asked Jesus what he must do to have eternal life and Jesus immediately responded, "OBEY THE COMMANDMENTS" and then mentioned several of the Ten Commandments. Other than not having eternal life are God's laws ineffective without punishment provisions for people to carry out? No! God can and does still punish. Jesus tells us not to fear people who can only kill our bodies rather "FEAR ONLY GOD WHO CAN DESTROY BOTH SOUL AND BODY IN HELL". One time a man named Ananias lied about what he gave for God's work and when Peter confronted him with his lie, "he fell to the floor, dead" and everyone was afraid of God because of the punishment. God still punishes people today in many ways. 3

A pastor in Houston told how a man said many bad things cursing him; got in his car, drove three block, had a heart attack and died. The pastor knew God had punished the man. One time a Christian man was secretly committing adultery and thought he was getting away with it until his wife of many years got a sexually transmitted disease (STD) from him. With forgiveness their marriage became stronger. The world may say it was a coincidence but God can use a STD to give a wakeup call and get a person back living the way God wants them to live. God can punish in many ways and the world may have many explanations with medical descriptions or call it an accident or other explanations but God can reveal the truth. When people get sick or have accidents or other calamities we cannot judge them and say they are being punished by God but God can reveal details if we know how to communicate with God. Some punishments are final while others are corrective like a Father punishing His children to help them grow or be better. Punishment can be a wakeup call to stop sinning and seek forgiveness, if we want to. Some people would like to think we have progressed in our society beyond considering some things as sins, like "FORNICATION" which many do as casually as kissing. Some try to convince themselves and others they were created the way God calls sin. There was a retired Sergeant who loved to kill people and believed he was created that way. He said, "the reason people join the Army is so they can kill legally", which God still calls "MURDER". A married man named Tom liked to tell everyone, "I'm a tomcat and I need lots of women". Tom believed he was created that way which God calls being in "ADULTERY". People have many ways to justify their sins and they may fool others but God is not deceived. Convincing people or society, even convincing whole churches does not change God and will not prevent punishment from God. Punishment or the threat of punishment with the offer of forgiveness does not always reduce sin and disobedience, as many are in denial that they sinned. God has a better way than punishment or execution to eliminate evil by sending His son Jesus who gives us "AUTHORITY … TO OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY", if we want to. Overcoming requires an effort. Be encouraged to overcome sin in your life. Sometimes sins such as sexual sins and satanic related activities, allow Satan to get foot hold in a person's life making it hard to overcome the sins. In those instances it may be necessary to use spiritual warfare, if a person wants to overcome their sins. Unfortunately many are in denial that they have sinned and many are in denial that God is punishing them. Denial prevents repenting and seeking God's forgiveness, which He so wants to give as He loves each one of us very much. 4

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