Miracle of being able to Run

2005 - KNEE

Ed shares how God's healings enables him to keep running. A few years after racewalking my first marathon (26.2 miles) in 2002 at an age when many start slowing down, God told me to start running beginning with my 4th marathon in 2004. In 2005 I injured my left knee doing stuff around the house. It was so bad I was unable to walk without a cane and even with a cane it was painful to walk. I was praying everyday for my healing and after a few months God healed my knee and the proof of my healing was I was able to run again. I thank God daily during my prayer time for healing me and helping me to run stronger.


In early 2010, I stepped in a hole which felt like a small canyon on a dirt trail and my left foot became so swollen that I could not wear any shoes, including running shoes. I could walk with slight pain and initially I wore sandals with socks (it was cold out). I was praying for my healing every day and during the day when I felt pain. After a few days I was able to walk with real loose hiking boots. Over the next several weeks and then months the swelling went down and I could wear shoes again and I could walk fast but when I tried to run, the impact of running cause so much pain in my foot, shin and knee that I had to stop immediately. Also it caused pain in my left knee to do my normal after exercise stretching. It was several months before I could do anything besides walk. As I got better, I moved from fast walking to low impact running with an elastic knee bandage for support, which is significantly faster than fast walking. The last area to recover was the stretching. Finally God healed me and I was able run again in a low impact manner, as I didn't want to re-injure my knee. Almost two years after the injury in 2010, God motivated me to start running stronger like normal. As my speed was increasing, I was praising God frequently that there was no pain. The proof of my healing is my running. And yes today I thank God every day during my prayer time for healing me and helping me to be stronger.


God has blessed me many ways since He had me start doing marathons and this is a story of the greatest blessing to date. Three weeks ago, as I finished a half marathon, the last half mile was so painful and my insides were so unusually queasy and nauseous that I felt like I could die. Even as I drove myself home I perceived I was at risk of dying. From that experience, God had me share a teaching about not fearing death. I knew that in three weeks I was scheduled to do a full marathon. Over the next three weeks as I continued to train, I repeatedly asked God if I could cancel doing the marathon and His repeated response was that I should do it. God did encourage me and cause me to go slower in the marathon. Yesterday April 28, 2012, I finished (or survived) the Frisco Rail Road Marathon near Springfield, MO and was first in my age group but the most important detail is I am still alive. I had wondered if I did die how long it would take someone to find this teaching about not fearing dying on the computer. Although I am comfortable with having eternal life, there are more pleasant and less painful ways for a body to die than during a marathon. As a child of God that is still learning, God used this experience to help me grow stronger in the area He compliments when He says, "THEY DID NOT LOVE THEIR LIVES SO MUCH THAT THEY WERE AFRAID OF DEATH". Rev 12:11 (IC)

In the middle of June 2012 I was having fun sprinting like I did in 08 during the last Olympics. As I was three steps away from improving my time for 50 meters by one second, I had a sharp pain behind my right thigh that caused me to stop instantly and almost fall down. At first I could barely walk and I discovered there was major bruising in a large area behind my right knee. I discovered what I had done was injure my hamstrings for the first time in my life in my right leg. It was easy to be in prayer frequently as I prayed every time I felt pain. After the initial request, I frequently would thank God in Jesus' name for healing my hamstrings. After several days I appeared to be walking normal and by the end of the month I was running again, slowly and no sprinting. Although I discovered that initially I had done many things that are not advised by medical people, I did let God guide me on how to help the healing process and I recovered completely without reinjure.

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The above is a miracle story that we are sharing so that others may be blessed by what the one true God, who has a son named Jesus, is doing in people's lives.

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