Satan server

A person can serve Satan without following him.

Some Christians are serving Satan without being aware.

The word Satan is from a Hebrew word that the Septuagint translated into a Greek word that is the root word for devil. The words Satan and devil are used interchangeably in Rev 12:9 (NI) where we are told he deceives or "leads the whole world astray".

People lead others astray or deceive others, when they say things that conflict with or contradicts what Jesus, who is the "TRUTH" (Jn 14:6), says. An example might be Jesus says He is "THE SON OF GOD" (Jn 10:36) and some Christian have a doctrine saying He is really God in human flesh and some other religions will say He is just a prophet and others will say He is a good man and some say He never existed. Many manmade Christian religious doctrines, that are not compatible with what Jesus says, are actually serving Satan.

People serve Satan by saying it is just a coincidence or suggest other explanations when God clearly heals someone.

People serve Satan when they try to explain our creation without God and ignore that Jesus knew "AT THE BEGINNING OF CREATION GOD MADE THEM MALE AND FEMALE" (Mk 10:6) or have the stupidity to suggest that God made a homosexual gender.

When people suggest "you will be like God" (Ge 3:5) they are not only serving Satan they are copying Satan's words from the first temptation. Promoting being like God comes from preachers, scientist, medical doctors, fortune tellers, psychics, etc. The one time it is not serving Satan is when Jesus commands, "BE PERFECT, JUST AS YOUR FATHER IN HEAVEN IS PERFECT". (Mt 5:48 IC)

People serve Satan when they test God by exposing themselves to temptation or taking risks or sinning and then asking God to help them. Also they serve Satan by teaching others to test God. Jesus states, "DO NOT PUT YAHVEH YOUR GOD TO THE TEST" (Mt 4:7 ET).

Some people are shy or embarrassed to share about what Jesus has done for them or to even pray in Jesus' name (which is becoming politically incorrect to some people). Jesus clearly states, "IF ANYONE IS ASHAMED OF ME AND MY TEACHING, THEN I WILL BE ASHAMED OF HIM" (Mk 8:38 IC). By their actions they may risk their eternal life and are definitely serving Satan's purposes.

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