Spiritual Seeing Miracle

Middle of February, 2010, I had the opportunity to help some people in a local running club who are creating some trails and clearing some trails at a Lodge for a trail running event. On this particular day, the man in charge, who has also designed many of the trails, asked me to rake the leaves on an old existing Lodge trail #2. Hidden under the leaves on most of the trails are a few sharp jutting rocks that stick up 4 to 6 inches and apparently are attached to the bed rock and are a real hazard to runners if they trip on them or fall on them. I have a large plastic rake that the man at Wal-Mart was correct when he said it is indestructible. My rake will go over the jutting rocks and move the small branches and small hand size rocks as well as several inches of leaves mulching with no problem. After I finished # 2, he asked me to rake a new trail he had made that intersected with the old # 3 trail and then to make a hard right on to # 3. The # 3 trail stopped after a while where it was wiped out during an ice storm a few years back. There were so many broken branches and fallen trees up ahead; there was no way to be sure where trail 3 originally went. I knew from a sign on trail 2 and from an old lodge map that originally trail 3 intersected with trail 2 but it was way too far away to see where trail 2 might be. I considered calling the Running Club's outstanding trail designer on my cell phone for help, who is also the guy in charge and was very busy that day, and then God told me to "continue raking and I will show you where to rake". I could only see about 10 to 15 feet that might be clearable but when I got to that point God let me see the next opening between trees and continued to show me where to rake. Judging from the many inches of decaying leaves and dead branches I was raking, this was definitely a new path. Before Christmas I had helped them make new trails using my big two handed pruner to cut small trees, branches and vines, where the trail designer had previously marked off. With God's guidance I found myself making a new trail with just a rake. Often I would stop and God used my shadow to guide me in the direction of my shadow. Finally I arrived at trail 2. I would have never guessed that it was located in the general direction of my shadow. It was an awesome experience. It is experiences like this that make me feel like a baby Christian. The people at Post Oak Lodge probably will be unaware of the new trail section since their old map still shows trail 3 connecting with trail 2 and the people with the Tulsa Running Club probably have already planned their trail routes for the Marathon and other races.

If you are ever at Post Oak Lodge in Tulsa and want to see the trail God designed using my rake and my shadow, as you go down the asphalt road between the cabins there is a sign pointing to the right saying Trail 3. As you follow the trail eventually there is a small stream to step or jump over and then up the hill and then when you cross the remnant of an old road that only goes to the left you can see a few feet straight ahead where the trail 3 was wiped out by the ice storm. That is where the God designed part begins a little to the right, at first. As mentioned above,God healed my eyes after wearing glasses for over 46 years . Everyday I thank God for healing, restoring and strengthening my eyes. Now I include "… strengthening my eyes both physically and spiritually".. I have never previously experienced God guiding me where to go by my eyesight. We serve an awesome God.

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