When people sneeze, cough and/or have congestion, people in every society in the world have ways to protect themselves from exposure to harmful germs. However, most people, including most Christians, are clueless concerning protecting themselves from exposure to demonic risks. "EVIL THINGS" from demons that can hurt a person can range from sexual sins to supernatural stuff. Some exposure to demonic stuff is treated like children's games or fiction in books, movies, TV etc. such as witchcraft, Ouija boards, horoscopes, games or stories where characters have supernatural powers, etc. All supernatural power that is not from God is from demons. All religions that are not from the God of Jacob (Judaism and Christianity) are serving false gods and demonic purposes. God discourages trying "TO FIND OUT" about other religions and even the "MENTION" of the names of their gods. Some people, even very educated ones, encourage studying and/or exposure to other religions and their gods with logical and intellectual reasoning, without realizing that such activities may be offensive to the one true God and could jeopardize their eternal life. Many of us think we made a cognitive decision to follow Jesus but Jesus tells us, "PEOPLE CANNOT COME TO ME UNLESS THE FATHER WHO SENT ME DRAWS THEM TO ME". An example of a risk in inquiring about a false religion is in the one created by Mohammad that deceives people into endorsing their religion, by using a descriptive term from Arabic which means "one who submits to god". Some naively pretend demons do not exist but Jesus knew they existed and He tells us to "DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME". If a person has been contaminated by demonic exposure, it may be helpful to use spiritual warfare . 1


Frequently Jesus "CAST OUT DEMONS" and He firmly states "HE WHO BELIEVES IN ME WILL DO THE SAME THINGS THAT I DO AND EVEN MORE …" which definitely includes casting out demons. Jesus also tells us "BELIEVERS WILL … DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME …". Many believers ignore these scriptures or make up teachings or opinions to support avoiding the subject of demons. Jesus did not put any qualifiers or restrictions on our authority to drive out demons except to use His name. In response to some of His followers returning from ministry who were excited about using the power of Jesus' name for the first time over demons, Jesus affirmed their experience by stating, "I HAVE GIVEN YOU AUTHORITY, SO THAT YOU CAN … OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, AND NOTHING WILL HURT YOU". Overcoming requires an effort. Authority does us no good if we do not use it. Even with all these words of support, many will not take authority over demons. Some listen to the devil, who is glad to provide excuses, more than they listen to Jesus. Remember Jesus tells us the devil "IS A LIAR AND THE FATHER OF LIES". 2

How are we influenced or possessed by demons? The word possessed would indicate a lack of control yet even in Jesus' day demons did not have so much control that they could prevent people, from being around Jesus or being brought to Jesus. There is no clear pattern or teaching from God or Jesus to describe all the ways demons get influence in people's lives but sin is one way we invite demons into our lives. If sin history involved Satan worship or demonic activities, then the influence is almost a given. Reminder: Satan is from a Hebrew word and devil is from a Greek word and the two words, "the devil, or Satan", are used interchangeably. Rules people make to claim there is no demonic influence, may not be valid. Demonic influence can be manifested in physical illness, mental illness, addictions, fleshly desires, simply disagreeing with what God or Jesus say like we know better, etc., anything that might satisfy Satan's desire to "TO STEAL AND KILL AND DESTROY". Having demons tempt you is not something to be embarrassed about. Jesus was tempted and had to use spiritual warfare until He said, "AWAY FROM ME, SATAN! …" 3

God is more powerful than any demon, so we can ask God, in Jesus' name, to reveal to us if we have any need for spiritual warfare. Jesus tells us God will "GIVE THE HOLY SPIRIT TO THOSE WHO ASK HIM!" If there is trouble receiving God's spirit, it may indicate that another spirit (demonic) is present. This can be a good time to take the authority given by Jesus and say "In the Name of Jesus I command every demon in and around me to shut up, leave and not come back". Taking authority over the enemy can do no harm. If in doubt cast it out! If a person experiences difficulty in being free of the enemy, having another person experienced in spiritual warfare or deliverance can help, however even with outside help a person must use spiritual warfare to stay free. Frequently the need may be more for spiritual warfare, as with sinful thoughts or actions we may invite demonic interference in our lives or back into our lives. A major daily exercise in spiritual warfare is to pray the prayer Jesus told us to pray daily which includes "LEAD US NOT INTO TEMPTATION, BUT DELIVER US FROM EVIL". For many it can also be helpful to take authority daily by saying, "In the Name of Jesus I command every demon in and around me to shut up, leave and not come back". If uncertain if the problem is demonic or from one's fleshly desires, spiritual warfare, where we have "AUTHORITY, SO THAT … NOTHING WILL HURT YOU", can also help over our flesh. Authority over everything that can hurt us includes our flesh. If in doubt cast it out! When Jesus said, "ALL AUTHORITY IN HEAVEN AND ON EARTH HAS BEEN GIVEN TO ME", He did not exclude authority over Satan or demons. 4

It can do no harm to use spiritual warfare for love ones and friends but it is better when praying daily the prayer Jesus commanded us to pray including "MAY YOUR WILL BE DONE ON EARTH AS IT IS IN HEAVEN", to mention their names. We may share information about spiritual warfare, we may pray for others and take spiritual authority over them but ultimately the person must want to be free of demonic influence and use spiritual warfare themselves. Being in God's "WILL", will result in a person using spiritual warfare and resisting temptation. 5

Jesus says, "I AM IN YOU". And then describes the person He is in as one "WHO KNOWS MY COMMANDS AND OBEYS THEM". Yes, it is good to pray spiritual warfare by praying "PLEASE DON'T BRING US INTO TEMPTATION AND PLEASE RESCUE US FROM THE EVIL ONE"and take authority by saying "In the Name of Jesus I command every demon in and around me to shut up, leave and not come back" daily or more frequently. However when we follow Jesus, we have Jesus in us and have continuous protection. When demons were in Jesus presence on earth, fear was noticed in their voices. Jesus in you is continuous protection. 6

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In discussing nightmares, sleep terrors and sleep-related panic attacks one high profile Harvard medical Doctor stated "the cause of these sleep disorders is a mystery", after excluding chemical causes. A couple of experiences on the subject: One adult after having scary nightmares several night is a row, simply prayed and asked God in Jesus' name to take away these scary experiences. After that the person had no more problems with nightmares. Once a strong Christian family of a single mother with three children, the oldest was 16 and the youngest was 4, expressed concerned to a person of God about her 4 year old having frequent "night terrors" as diagnosed by her doctor, who told her to protect the child during the night terror but that there was no valid treatment. Shortly after going to sleep the child would scream fearfully, get up, walk agitated with very tense muscles for 10 to 15 minutes, breathing heavy, could not be awakened during the terror and eventually go back to bed with no memory of the experience. The mother and her other children found it to be very frightening while it was happening. Following the suggestion of the person of God who was guided by God, every night during bedtime prayers the mother started taking authority in the name of Jesus over the 4 year old. After that they had no more problems, until a few weeks later when the mother was in a hurry to leave and she forgot to take authority. That night the child started having a night terror like before. The 16 year old, who had been aware of all the discussions, instantly took authority in the name of Jesus and the child immediately relaxed, got back in bed and slept peacefully the rest of the night. Sometimes sharing experiences can be helpful. Jesus says I have given you authority to "OVERCOME ALL THE POWER OF THE ENEMY, AND NOTHING WILL HURT YOU" ( Lk 10:19 GN) and that believers "WILL DRIVE OUT DEMONS IN MY NAME"(Mk 16:17 GN). If in doubt cast it out!

note: click here for bible verse and translation abbreviations

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