The following are links to Jesus Center's Jesus Teachings with a Marriage Workshop Moment, if you would like to start receiving them by email please send your email to and ask for Teachings. For an overview of links for the Marriage Workshop. The Prayer Jesus taught and being prayed up. God gave us the alphabet. The Family Prayer Outline. The Speaker Listener Technique. A link to abbreviations used for different bible translations and chapters in the bible. Who is a Follower of Jesus today. Jesus and homosexuals. Information about an economic meltdown. Do You want to be Set Free from Illness? or an addiction? or Overcome Sin? How to Witness like Jesus. How to help a person drawn to Jesus. Entering God's Kingdom? Understanding The New Agreement from God to His people. Manmade religion can result in Worthless Worship. Personal Healing Miracle Stories. God told me to run and helped by keeping me healed. When Jesus comes. Blessed to be a Blessing for Jews. Forgive Others. God's name mistranslated Lord. A Jesus thought. How toHear God's Voice. Eternal Life ~ Life Style. Why God Draws. Single Sex.

Satan server.

January 2, 2011 Be Strong

January 9, 2011 Turn to God

January 16, 2011 Are You Making Progress?

January 23, 2011 Jesus and religious leaders

January 30, 2011 Hear and Understand

February 6, 2011 Witness like Jesus

February 13, 2011 Jesus' Greater Love

February 20, 2011 Being Guided like Jesus

February 27, 2011 Check It Out!

March 6, 2011 Helping a Drawee

March 13, 2011 Entering God's Kingdom

March 27, 2011 Spirit Power

April 3, 2011 Becoming Chosen

April 10, 2011 Spiritual Monitor

April 24, 2011 The New Agreement from God to His people.

May 1, 2011 Developing Faith

May 15, 2011 Worthless Worship

May 22, 2011 Jesus and politics

May 29, 2011 Freedom from Addiction

June 5, 2011 Temptation from God

June 19, 2011 Overcoming Sin

June 26, 2011 Storm Protection

July 10, 2011 when Jesus comes

July 17, 2011 Kingdom Power

July 24, 2011 Jesus is Not for Everyone

August 7, 2011 God causes medical problems

August 14, 2011 Forgive Others or be Punished

August 21, 2011 Know God Better

August 28, 2011 False Prophet Protection

September 11, 2011 Identify by self promoting

September 18, 2011 Ultimate Preparation

September 25, 2011 Overcoming Self

October 2, 2011 Is God Tolerant?

October 9, 2011 Overcoming Internal Sin

October 16, 2011 Do We Pray to God's Spirit?

October 23, 2011 How to Hear God's Voice

October 30, 2011 Love God with all ...

November 6, 2011 Why God Draws

November 13, 2011 Eternal Life ~ Life Style

November 20, 2011 Temptation is not bad

November 27, 2011 Single Sex

December 4, 2011 God Provides

December 11, 2011 Jesus can count

December 18, 2011 God's Son does not lie!

December 25, 2011 Facts are better than faith

Being Set Free from Illness

Enter Eternal Life NOW!

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