Improving My Physical Condition

God wanted me to improve my physical condition. In 1997 at an age where many start cutting back, God told me to enter 3 events in the Senior Olympics. I mentioned to God that I used to be good at Table Tennis but He told me to do cycling, racquetball and racewalking. I had to buy a real road bike and I started learning how to ride it. I attended racewalking classes and learned how to racewalk. I ran into a friend that I had played racquetball with 10 years earlier and started practicing. My racquetball racquet was the best available 10 years ago. When I went to my first Senior Olympics a few months later, everyone told me after they beat me that I needed a new racquet, as now the new ones were several inches longer. For the next 7 years, I participated in Senior Olympics in Tulsa, Bartlesville and Stillwater (just cycling). Also I racewalked in the 15K (9.3 miles) Tulsa run. I have never been a competitive threat to anyone in any of these sports. I did discover that I was faster than some people in racewalking. I went to nationals twice in racewalking and as one friend encouraged me that I was ranked 24 in the nation (out of 25 people). I have gotten where I could be faster than some in cycling but not most. I have persisted because I am being obedient to God. Being in better physical condition means I am taking care of the body God gave me and increases the possibility that it will last the 120 years God allows us (Ge 6:3). . In 2002, I racedwalked my first marathon (26.2 miles) and just like in the Tulsa Run, I was faster than some super slow runners (sort of a motivation - fun to pass people).

After racewalking my first three marathons, In 2004 during my 4th marathon God told me to start running.

In my early 20's I was drafted into the Army and after basic training I was in the best shape in my life, although I was still smoking 2 packs of cigarettes a day. When God started getting me in better physical condition in 1997, I was at the heavest weight in my life and I would have told you that the best shape I was ever in was when I got out of basic training for the Army.

Today, I can run faster and farther than ever in my life. My weight is significantly less than when I started, even less than when I got out of basic training. Thanks to God's encouragement and sometimes pushing me, my body is in better physical condition than any time in my life.

Please go to Jesus Center's Facebook page to see a picture of me racewalking in 1997.


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