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Although people are interested in the pastor, I feel like John the Baptist must have felt when he said about Jesus, "He must become more important while I become less important" John 3:30 (GN) As pastor of Jesus Center, God has ministered to many people through our ministry. We share what Jesus teaches and what God teaches with many people every week both in person and online in every continent and most countries around the world. I am just a conduit for God to minister through.

Over the years I have had successes and failures like most people which has helped personal growth. The ultimate level of self esteem and self confidence is to be comfortable in denying myself as Jesus recommends [Lk 9:23] and rely totally on God, putting God first in my life.

I am happy that with the God's help, I can help others who might also want to be set free. As a follower of God, in 1987 God led me to the one true Theologian. What Jesus teaches about God is totally true as He states that God, "TOLD ME WHAT TO SAY" in John 12:49 (IC). The best Theologian is Jesus, the son of God.

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