Jesus Said, God Said
Believe the Bible
To avoid man made doctrines that are not supported by scripture
we encourage everyone to believe the Bible the way it was written.

Who said it?

God said in Genesis 1:3; the serpent said in Genesis 3:4; Sarah said in Genesis 21:6;
Jesus said in Mark 10:39; the devil said in Luke 4:3; Paul said in Acts 15:36

"they ... examined the Scriptures everyday to see if what Paul said was true"

Acts 17:11 (NIV)

To help in understanding the scripture, I may refer to different translations.
(It is good to compare different versions of the Scriptures.)


Theology comes from two Greek words: Theo = God and Logos = said
Theology is what man says about God.

All Churches and All Christians follow teachings that can be traced to theologians, who may be great men of God but, like most men, they are not always accurate.

There is one man who is the best theologian.

What this man says about God is always accurate:


Jesus said, "The Father ... told me what to say." John 12:49 (ICB)

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