It is my great pleasure to have the opportunity to write a foreword for Ed Lindgren's book, Dr. Cho's Secret Weapon: Women. Women have, indeed, contributed greatly to the growth of Yoido Full Gospel Church. I have found them to be invaluable to the ministration of my Church.

The author came to Korea as a student and observer, but became involved. Involved enough to seek out the facts of church growth in Korea and share his views with others. I can see that much time and effort was spent interviewing key personnel in Korea involved in church growth, not only at Yoido Full Gospel Church, but in other Full Gospel Churches, as well as in other denominations in order to find out the main principles causing the Church in Korea to grow.

The reader of this book will become aware of these findings and will be thrilled to learn what God was able to accomplish through one dedicated pastor and his congregation. The world today desperately needs workers to share the message of Jesus Christ. Everyone should become involved: women, men and children.

God is the same yesterday, today and forever, and He is the same in every country of the world. With this promise to stand upon, I am sure this book will spur you to action in your local Church. May God give you a new vision of church growth in your community.

Dr. Cho

For the title page and contents, Chapter 1 Setting the Stage, Chapter 2 Only in Korea?,

Chapter 3 Winning a Country for Christ, Chapter 4 Prayer That Moves Mountains,

Chapter 5 The Weapon at Work, Chapter 6 How Cell Groups Work,

Chapter 7 100 Days in Inchon, Appendix: Written Interview Comments

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