About Jesus Center

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The simplest way to understand what we teach is to throw out all church teachings and doctrines and

start over with what Jesus and God teach.

Why Jesus Center?

When Jesus comes (soon)

will you be following a Christian religion

or following Jesus?

We follow Jesus

Jesus said, "…No one comes to the Father except through Me". (John 14:6 NKJV)

Sunday 10am Bible Study (open format with interactive discussions)

- - - - - - 11am Worship with a Jesus Teaching

Wednesday service 7pm (interactive bible study)

To help you feel comfortable in visiting us, our services includes;

we say together a Psalm that relates to the teaching (11am)

a time for praising God for blessing people have received that week

we give thanks for the offering (note: the offering basket is by the door (Mk 12:41) - people put thier offering in as they come in, during the service or after - we encorage you to focus that you are giving to God)

a time to greet each other

we say together a statement from Jesus that relates to the teach for that Sunday (11am)

we share a Marriage Workshop Moment which is an excerpt from our Marriage Workshop (11am)

we have a few minutes where everyone can relax privately and pray to God

we say together the prayer Jesus taught us to pray

we share the bread and cup as Jesus taught us to do to remeber Him (we do this every time we meet as people in the early church did it every day [Acts 2:46] and we have no minimum age for communion as Jesus said in Mark 10:14 (NIV) "Let the little children come to Me")

we have a time where people can come forward to receive prayer or agreement in prayer (sometimes people find it helpful to write down on a blank card their concerns - easier than whispering [11am})

we spend time singing and praisng God with music [11am]

we have a teaching from Jesus' words and example [11am]

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We teach what God and Jesus teach, both by words and example, the way it is written in the Bible.

Rev. Ed Lindgren, Pastor

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Dear Pastor, Email to pastor@jesuscenter.net

South West Corner of E Admiral Place at Highway 169

10198 E Admiral Pl Tulsa, OK 74116-2528

(918) 83-JESUS (835-3787)


In addition to our international Internet Ministry, we minister locally as a Church with teachings, baptisms, funerals, etc. helping others get closer to God. Our Marriage Ministry is very strong. Because of the way some people live today, many need to be married before they can get closer to God. Our Marriage Workshops helps people have the kind of marriage God intended. We also have a food pantry ministry.

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Enter Eternal Life NOW!

Email to pastor@jesuscenter.net


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