One Saturday evening in Inchon, God told me, "You are to write a book." The following night, God woke me from a deep sleep on the floor of a Korean home, revealing to me the subject matter of most of the chapters. When I returned to Seoul a few days later and shared about the book with Ruth Sholtis, the editor of "Church Growth magazine", I received needed encouragement, which was appreciated.

A special thanks to the tremendous man of God, Dr. Cho, whose initial invitation to serve in his Church and whose support while in Korea, made this book possible. Note: in Korea Dr. Cho is referred to by his Korean name, Cho Yonggi, at the time I was in Korea the name Dr. Paul Yonggi was used and today he is known as Dr. David Yonggi Cho. Also, Dr. Cho is deeply appreciated for taking the time to read the manuscript and write the foreword for this book. I thank God for my brother in Christ, Kim Dong Ho, the Chief of the Pastoral Affairs division in Dr. Cho's Church who was such a good friend and supporter during my entire stay in Korea, even if he did defeat me in tennis. Also there are others I thank who are mentioned in the book and a great woman of God, Lee Min Sook whose words of encouragement and spiritual leadership impacted me beyond her high position in the Church.

The greatest appreciation goes to my wonderful wife, Barbara, who typed, proofread and worked with me on the initial manuscript of the book. Thanks also to my sons, Paul, who assisted in proofreading, and Mark, who faithfully prayed for the book every evening during our family prayer time.

Finally, I wish to acknowledge the contribution of my father, the Rev. E. M. Lindgren. During his lifetime and his ministry, which appeared to be one in the same, he had a tremendous influence on me, especially regarding the importance of the Great Commission.

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For the title page and contents, Chapter 1 Setting the Stage, Chapter 2 Only in Korea?,

Chapter 3 Winning a Country for Christ, Chapter 4 Prayer That Moves Mountains,

Chapter 5 The Weapon at Work, Chapter 6 How Cell Groups Work,

Chapter 7 100 Days in Inchon, Appendix: Written Interview Comments