Jesus criticizes religious leaders and their followers for using and receiving verbal titles. Written titles may be helpful to communicate education or legal status in our society but verbal titles primarily elevate people and encourage the sin of "PRIDE" (Mk 7:22 KJ). Jesus said, "YOU ARE NOT TO BE CALLED 'RABBI' … AND DO NOT CALL ANYONE ON EARTH 'FATHER'" (Mt 23:7-10 NI) etc. Some Christians may criticize other Christian religions for calling their religious leaders "Father" but then hypocritically use titles calling their religious leaders "Brother" or "Prophet" or "Apostle" or "Pastor" or "DOCTOR" or "REVEREND" (Mt 23:7 MSG) etc, which are all self-elevating verbal religious titles. Self-promoting titles are offensive to God who told (Jn 12:49) Jesus to say, "IF ANY WANT TO BECOME MY FOLLOWERS, LET THEM DENY THEMSELVES" (Lk 9:23 NRS). Some religious leaders are so full of pride they ignore what Jesus teaches and use titles when introducing themselves, thereby encouraging others to use their self-promoting titles. Yes, Jesus usually was polite to people, who used titles of respect like Master which is often translated Lord when addressing Him, although one time when a man used a term that Jesus knew clearly belonged to God, "GOOD TEACHER …" Jesus responded, "ONLY GOD IS TRULY GOOD!" (Mk 10:17-18 TL). Christians who "REJECT" Jesus and "DO NOT ACCEPT" His teachings will discover as Jesus says, "THE WORDS I HAVE SPOKEN WILL BE THEIR JUDGE" (Jn 12:48 GN). Avoid using titles for others and introducing yourself with a title thereby encouraging others to disobey Jesus and call you by a title.

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